Andrea & I went shopping the whole entire day immediately after exams for the fun of it and yes, to forget our depression about Part C in the Public Relations exam. *yipes*

Catchin some shots with her new cellphone-

Browsed through this and browsed through that.. pretty lil things we saw, like those awesome stuff from Gizmo right Drea? I really love those adorable yet practical stuff – reminds me of the ones from IKEA

And we also crashed into Secret Recipe for some cakes! Ahh… the sin of sugar.
Burn off the fat tomorrow!

Later into the evening, I headed to eXtreme hair salon (Drea decided to accompany me as well ) to go for my regular hair appointment. I had a new haircut and chose to do a mild highlight this time. Yeah, I had the director to do it for me again (with an extra fee) My being particularly very precise in my description of what I wanted, and only he and he alone could do it.

Here’s the final result! I‘m pleased with the outcome

Throughout the period while waiting, we came across a few Digital Makeover articles while reading the latest Female mag. Sharing the same opinion – very critical about people who used Photoshop to make any ol’ plain Jane turn into a Runway model. Check this out peeps –

okay so yes. NATURAL BEAUTY is indeed the best.
We are beautiful in EVERY single way!!
(Aguilera, C. 2002)