I have loads of love for pancakes. Do you?

Back home in Malaysia, I used to go to Paddington's House of Pancakes every so often that the waiters automatically acknowledge me with each visit. I was hoping to eat pancakes whilst in Aussie but there aren't any close by.


So when I first came to Sydney, I've asked on Twitter where would anyone recommend me awesome places for food?

The answer was unanimous – Pancakes on the Rocks.


And so I did as I was told 😀

Thanks guys, for the recommendation!


Had some Iced Coffee with Ice Cream on top while we waited for our orders.

Seriously, when I said OVER-POPULARLY FAMOUS Pancakes on the Rocks, I meant it literally.


It was over-populated LOL

We had to queue all the way up the staircase and the line behind us kept growing!


Thankfully we were allowed to order while waiting – saves heaps of time!


As we came in a group of 4, we decided to share some dishes and have some of our own.

The first dish we ordered was ….


the traditional, famous pancake stack!

Served with maple syrup and ice-cream 😀 😀


We reckoned it wouldn't be enough, since it was too yummy!

So we ordered another stack –




I know some people may not get what the big deal is on pancakes, as it's only made of flour, milk, eggs and other stuff.

But no, I've attempted making pancakes a few times and although it was edible, it took me a while to actually get ALL the ingredients in the right ratio to achieve that fluffy, soft & melt-in-your-mouth pancakes!


Really, it's no easy feat.


Here's what we ordered next –


Chicken and Bacon Gourmet Pancake Pizza!


Couzzie Ken and I shared it, but it proved too much for the both of us so Uncle Shen and Auntie Julie ended up having some too.

I haven't seen this before, Pancake Pizza? Now, that's something new to me.


Also, sundried tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, tomato salsa on a guacamole & mozzarella cheese base

What's not to love? 😀


Auntie Julie ordered some Macademia Madness!!!

It had a nutty twist to the regular pancake stacks… delish


Check out that nutty pancake! 😀

(A quarter eaten, I stopped her midway LOL)

The vanilla ice-cream complemented this combo well. Thumbs up!

Okay, my turn. Here's what I ordered, one of their famous savory pancakes –



the Monte Cristo!

Chicken with smoked ham and cheese, served on a bed of lettuce and topped with chili sour cream & shallots


It was soooo delicious I wanted to have another helping but was already full to the brim!

Can't take it any more even if I wanted to 🙁


Here's a short VLOG I made whilst in Sydney, enjoy watching the entire 1 minute of it –



Wheeeeeeee *spins around*

If you missed it, here's the blog-episode on my visit to Sydney Opera House & Harbour Bridge!


So with our stuffed bellies and satiated appetites, we headed back to the car after a short stroll around The Rocks.

Here's a very amused me by the typical Western-looking red postbox!


Why don't we ever have one of these in Malaysia?

Just like Australia, we were colonized by the British too, so… where's our iconic red postbox? 🙁 🙁


Taking a good rest after a good meal

I love the flowerbed behind me! 🙂 🙂


Next up!

Kingsley's Steakhouse, Darling Harbour & Sydney's popular Star City casino (where I won triple my cash!) $$$ Now, who wants to take me for a spin on their next trip to the casino? Muahaha.