Although I'm in the midst of exam preps now, I can't help but to reminisce my chocolate frenzy whilst in Sydney.

Not that it ever left me – I am still madly in chocolate ecstasy; right here, right now.


Especially with Max Brenner – chocolate by the bald man!


The moment I stepped in, I knew that if there were to be any reason I *might* die early, I'd wanna just die here with chocolate overdose.

And when the paramedics come in to take me, I'd be foaming chocolate fondue at the mouth.



I'd rather be foaming chocolate milkshake instead 😛 😛


With each time I go to the city while I am back in Melbourne, I never give Max Brenner a miss at Melbourne Central.

Cold drinks come in Alice Cups, while hot drinks come in Hug Mugs! 😀 😀


Would someone give me a hug mug?


I ordered the thick Italian hot chocolate this time round. Really, really spoilt for choice.

Can I just order the whole shop and swim in a vault of chocolate? Speaking of chocolate, I can't wait for my Philip Island trip with the corncob after the exams. Because… *drumroll* THERE'S A CHOCOLATE FACTORY THERE omgggg pure bliss!


Later that afternoon, couzzie Krizzy and I indulged into something equally as euphoric as chocolate





Can you see the amount of pretty, pretty shoes behind me?

How can a girl resist? 😀 😀


Went back to her place after that for awesome home-cooked dinner & drinks

Never noticed we pulled the same expression in photographs until I saw this –


When I saw it, I went, "OH MY!"

It wasn't even planned!


Anyway, now that exam season is here, I am in dire need of some brain food + comfort food.

Went shopping and came back with these delightful babies :


Hmm.. I reckon that'll take care of my chocolate cravings this month!


Seriously, if there was only 1 food in this world I'd live off on, it'll be chocolate.

Or maybe avocados. How about chocolate avocados? 😀