Okay time for you to see yet another one of my places of residence again!

There's this nitty-gritty OCD part of me that loves a well-decorated, personalized, neat and organized room.


Most of the time, I'm very proud to let you guys take a look! Well, the efforts that I take to make my room pretty & cosy; one that truly represents me does pay off especially when I have guests over *bigwidesmile*

Remember when I showed you my house and room in this post and another one in this post?


Are u ready? Knock before you enter my room! 🙂

Oh and remember I painted that canvas on the top?


Most of you know that I live on-campus or more fondly referred to as 'on rez' (residencies) at the moment.

I was allocated to be on the West rez 32 when I first came to Australia, but since I spent 90% of my time and day in the South rez, I've decided to just permanently move into South rez 9.


Nicey? 😀 😀


Most of the time, my room/house will be splashed &decorated by reds every where.

I often adopt a red theme wherever I stay, but since I didn't have much choice (all my red stuff are in Malaysia!) my room – for the first time – picked up a blue theme instead :( Blue curtains, blue comforter, blue bedsheets, blue pillowcase.. etc. ;(


My simplistic wardrobe. I hung up my accessories on the wardrobe

door (so they don't become tangled noodles when I wanna wear 'em!)


Seriously, I've spent almost an hour trying to detangle my necklaces/chokers before, causing myself to be uber late at certain events I go to! Grrr. Next time my accessories only stay hung up – no where else!


Another angle of my room. Can you see my shoe shelf?


Take a closer look 😀 😀 I dreaded how I had to choose between all my shoes to pack into my luggage.

Mom wouldn't let me bring more than FOUR, I was crestfallen! How am I supposed to choose 4 out of my 30 pairs? 🙁


I eventually sneaked in more than 4 and ended up succumbing to more pretty shoes here

I bought 5 more. Ooops. Sorry mom. 😛


Probably not important, but here's the insides of my cupboard.


Facial stuff, make up and clothes.

On to my study table! Where I'm sitting as we speak, supposedly mugging for the exams but can't help to take a short break to blog for a while. Nyahahaha 😛


What do you see?


My camera gear, a pair of red sunnies, a red shark, an infographic on cannabis, my textbooks, the Greek alphabet, cute postcards, a bottle of memories, a frisbee, leopard-print handcuffs, random train tickets, bus ticket-stubs, tissue, a food pyramid, Churchill's bus timetable and little love notes! Do you spot everything?


Okay, one more picture for the road!

Here's a diagonally aerial view of my room 🙂


Nice nice nice? *beams* I love decorating!


Okay I should really head back to my exam revisions now.

Cheers! And if your room isn't half as neat as mine, you know what to do 😛