It was a night of never-seen-before fashion taken to jaw-dropping wonder and extreme measures.

I gladly accepted the invitation when I received Winnie’s text message one evening. It is my utmost pleasure to be at another one of her marvellous events!


Brought my other half to the party with me.

Celebrating over three decades (34 years, to be exact!) of prominence in the hair industry, A Cut Above threw an out of this world hair X fashion show in conjunction with Mid Valley Megamall Fashion Week 2013. 

The party was aptly named Amazing 34.

She told me that it was going to be an avant-garde and punk inspired evening. So being me, I stuck to the theme as closely as possible. smiley


Just a little snippet of what I wore (I know my manicure should be black instead of red though!)

Here is my top-to-toe lookbook for the event. I decided to adopt a glam-rock look tonight.


Jessicat wears:

Leopard print corset by Supre | Asymmetrical skirt from a fashion bazaar |

Acessories by Diva | Studded wedges by Vincci+ | Knuckle ring clutch by Nose

We got there just in time! cool

The host for the evening, Chui Ling, had just started to give us guests a warm welcome.


Chui Ling looking classy on stage

She then called upon Winnie, founder of A Cut Above Group, to join her on stage to make an appearance.

I was so glad to see her out and about already and making a seemingly good recovery progress (from her recent car injuries). Her speech was short and sweet – as always. smiley


Looking fine as ever, Winnie thanked us guests for being here tonight and

promised that we will be wowed by what we were about to see.

And oh yes, I believe her! laugh

I was excited and rushed to the front of the stage

(with my significant other in tow!) to get the best view.

Tonight featured three distinct themes: punk, edgy runway trends with a twist, and the avant-garde.

Let’s take a look at the first one, shall we? PUNK – here we gocool

Local band An Honest Mistake looking mighty punk-ish tonight!

They rocked their original tracks including their latest ‘Giddy Up Horsie, This Chase Ain’t Waiting for You’

I almost couldn’t recognize buddy Leonard, as I’ve never seen him looking like that before blush

And with the blue mohawk (wig) hairdo? It goes pretty well on him!

Darren and Leonard rocking the stage on electric guitars!

I’ve always been a fan of punk, alternative rock and easycore music since high school.

Had fun headbanging with them with the crowd! laugh


While they were performing, a bevy of models began to sashay down the stage showcasing trendy runway coordinates with an edgy twist and attitude to boot! How often would you see a band playing their songs with a fashion show happening in unison?

Yup, definitely not the typical hair/fashion show you would expect.yes



Oh and if stylish pieces and latest outfits are your thing, do check out

It’s a online apparel store based in Australia. Yup, that’s your doman of fashion right there! Wink



This was one of my favorites! On top of the very unique make-up and silvery mohawk, I

totally love her spiked bralet, the studded leather jacket and the grafitti-print pants heart

Awesome combination of dangling chains, paper-frills and blue ringlets in her hair

Another hair-raising glam punk fashion in view! Quite literally too.

With a red-black mohawk, this model featured heavily tattooed arms,

a neon coloured mesh strapped in belts and black liquid leggings with fishnet stockings

Watch the short video we made

Once that was over and done with, a series of avant-garde collection stole the limelight the moment models adorned in experimental fashion strutted the catwalk. laugh

I managed to shoot each and every style paraded on the runway. Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

This reminded me of a prison inspired uniform with a cushioned overcoat!

A giant velvet bow adorned his collar. His lips were of powdery white, and so was his hair.

This model showcased a side-shaven buzzcut with shimmery silver and black coordinate

(I used to sport this hairstyle too, but in red!)

 Bold and stylishly edgy.

I’ve seen some fashionistas donning this look lately!

This model portrayed a very metro-modern look with

side-combed hair and sci-fi inspired glasses

This model had a dual coloured trojan-mohawk.

Brown on his left and bright red when he turned to reveal his right!

He was draped in brown and black fur, fish net sleeves with marble designs on his tightpants


This model (with an impressive physique no less!) came out in a skin-tight spandex outfit,

long flowing “hair” and looking like a dangerous cross betwen Darth Vader X skull face.

 I honestly don’t know how he can see while catwalking!

This model featured a semi-formal look with a daring twist. Huge ruffles of black frills

adorned his shoulder and netting were binded around his legs

Covered fully in a black cloak, the blonde dip-dyed mohawk

stood out boldly from this look

Can anyone say Avatar with a warm, bronze twist? These ‘conjoined twins’ walked

with an aura of Red Indian braves, the kind that would instil fear and respect from their tribe

In her very high platforms and metallic silver outfit, this model walked precariously

on stage and I even held my breath with every step she took! 


Mysterious and clandestine, this model walked up slowly but steadily on stage

dressed fully in shiny black and large circular tubes in tow

Adapting science fiction fantasy into fashion, this outer space-like model

catwalked on the runway on stilts and threw a few stunts too!

Doesn’t this look like a giant optical illusion? devil

The final performance was a very dainty and sophisticated one.

It was interesting to see how ballet and hair were fused together.

While ballet dancing, this nimble and quick artist transformed her white hair almost entirely to red!

Amazing 34 was indeed a visually arresting showcase of both radical hair and fashion works of art. 

I was wowed over completely. It may have taken only a few minutes for each model to exhibit each fashion statement, but the amount of effort, designing and styling by the creative minds at work behind everything we saw tonight certainly deserved a standing ovation.yes


It is with such creativity and innovation in the hair and fashion industry that commanded a

humongous crowd witnessing the unique display at Amazing 34 that night.

Just when you thought the show was over, A Cut Above had another surprise in store for us all.

The larger-than-life sized red centrepiece which we all thought was just a prop started to move about.

And the final model of the evening emerged!

Everyone, myself included, was startled but pleasantly surprised! laugh

She reminded me of Queen ‘Padme’ Amidala from Star Wars.

Although appearing mildly menacing, her moves were graceful, and her gestures, elegant.

Check out the runway video we made featuring the avant-garde collection

This wasn’t in the day’s agenda, but looks like the surprise element came from someone else this time.

Guess who decided to surprise our dear Winnie instead?


Her adorable god daughter Crystal Lee crooning Miley Cyrus’ ‘The Climb’ and Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’ to all of us

My favorite part was when she rapped. Although I’ve heard her sing this song many times,

I can never get enough of listening to her rap that verse

Winnie giving her speech of gratitude for a successful night.

It’s always beautiful to see the mother-daughter love between them; so sweet and moving! heart

The event came to a closure with the fashion designers and stylists making their way on stage.

A thunderous applause followed thereafter, for without the entire creative team behind this brainchild, we would not be able to even catch a glimpse of such challenging and meticulously-crafted masterpieces of fashion! yes

Winnie was extremely busy buzzing about everywhere but I managed to catch her after the show!

She still looked so gorgeous and glowing even by the end of the day. surprise

I would be so stressed, frazzled and sweating buckets if I was the one hosting a show as huge as this!

Back to back with my favorite hair personality of all time, Winnie! heart

Thank you for a wonderful Tuesday night of a spectacular, out-of-this-world fashion and hair party.

A Cut Above never fails to impact their guests with of the most eye-catching and trend-setting that ever existed.

With the beau, who was my date for this exclusive event

With Edmund of A Cut Above. Thank you too, for the invite!

I’ve known him for a while too, Ed’s such a nice and patient person to deal with

Ohai! Bumped into Josh and Olivia at the party too.

We were standing beside each other during this entire time and I didn’t even realize till after!

With sweet and stunning Amber after the show

We have a funny story. Also, I cannot count the number of times Paul and I

bump into each other whenever we shoot events. Expect a collabo soon! wink

Ben and I catching up. It’s been a while! Also, he coaches amazing

catwalks by the way, thus hailing him as the catwalk guru! wink

Winnie with the creative team gathering on stage for a final appearance

To me, this party was more than just a celebration of 34 years of excellence. It was no doubt, a hallmark and pinnacle of modernism in the domain of fashion and hair. yes

Breaching boundaries and departing from practical guidelines of fashion as well as society’s usual expectations of style and appearance, tonight was hands down, a cut above the rest of all the other fashion week events I’ve attended this year!


Kudos to the mastermind of the entire concept behind A Cut Above’s Amazing 34!

You’ve outdone yourself again, Winnie dear yes

One more thing, most of you always ask me where I usually get my hair done.

I have only one answer – where else but A Cut Above? wink

Out of all the hair salons that I’ve tried, I only recommend and trust A Cut Above to give you only the best of anything hair-related. From hair cuts,  hair treatments, to hair makeovers or anything at all, rest assured it’s handled by the experts! 


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