Today, I’m gonna be sharing something pretty with you girls! And uhmm.. guys too, since studies has shown that frequent exposure to pretty things for short periods of time can make you look ten times more macho.

LOL. I totally made that up. But now I have your attention, let’s feast our eyes on some pretty (and wild!) things.


Wearing The Wild Things to one of my nights out in Zouk Club KL

They match my shimmery leopard dress so well! Laughing


Being a fashion slave like myself, I find accessorizing a must whenever I doll up for a night out or a day’s worth of outings. Hey, if it complements your outfit, why not, right? But don’t over-accessorize, lest you end up looking like a Christmas tree.



I was pretty excited to welcome my latest sponsors onboard, a homegrown fashion and accessories label – The Wild Things!

Based entirely online (Facebook) and helmed by two sisters from KL, The Wild Things boasts batches of pretty handmade  pieces as well as imported pieces from all around Asia. Wink


My new Aztec motif dangle earrings!


My sassy weekend indeed. It was no surprise when lots of people told me they loved my earrings.

Well girls, you can always check The Wild Things out on Facebook for more!


The Wild Things are pretty spot-on with their quick deliveries as well.

I liked the packaging and care guide too! It’s nice to see that great detail has been put into my accessories.


Wearing The Wild Things at Carlsberg Malaysia’s Oktoberfest launch!


Although their debut batch is officially over and sold out, they might still have some left if you ask them nicely!

Check out some of my other favorites from their first batch ever.




Those are only some of my personal favorites – your style and taste in fashion might differ from mine.

So go check them out for yourself Here’s to hoping they bring back the popular favorites from Chapter 1!



Now that they’ve just launched the latest batch, go look at this season’s hottest items to doll yourself up with.

What really made me happy and browse their online store with a big, wide smile on my face was seeing their pretty and deadly range of Halloween accessories!

Hell BoyHell BoyHell Boy


Check out what just arrived at my doorstep right before Halloween.

Just in time for one of my favourite celebrations of the year! Exciting


Faux leather skull envelop bag, black daisy chain necklace, pink-black dual chains,

and studded diamante spike wristcuffs.


Managed to wear every single thing for the various events I attend and did some self-portraiture of my dolling up with them!

Here they are. How do I look? Tongue Out


Love how the  colours of the dual-chain can bring life to an otherwise dull monotone.

Oh and it matches my lipstick too!


Don’t mess with me, I’m a fighter.

Not really, I wouldn’t hurt a fly. Just showing my necklace and bracelet!


Getting ready for a night out at The Roof KL

Wearing The Wild Things to The Roof KL’s preview launch party of  their premium rooftop bar, Stratosphere.



For some reason, I think I look super Asian level 9000 here. Surprised

Must be my slit-like eyes, I reckon.




So pleased that most of their accessories matches my style! Big Smile



Apart from these gorgeous babies above, here are some of my other favorites from their latest batch that I’d like to share. But LOL I noticed how all my favorites all seem to be bordering gothic and the dark side. Electric ShockElectric ShockElectric Shock

So I’ve also included some girlier ones for the rest of you too!



Chapter 2 is awesome, right? Can’t wait for the next batch already. Big Smile

Oh but wait, a little wild bird told me that The Wild Things will be coming up with some new things for the upcoming Christmas season too!

Can’t wait to be merry and wear the spirit of Yuletide. Ho ho ho!




Thank you, The Wild Things for making sure I look extra nice with your awesome range of accessories whenever I doll up!

Much love. Kiss