In exactly four more days, will be the one, fateful day which the power of democracy falls into the hands of the people a.k.a the rakyat.

Like many others, this Sunday will be my first time voting for the party/candidate of my choice.


I've thought long and hard and have been on the fence all of this year and late last year.

I've been passively monitoring views from both sides – the government and the opposition.

I've been researching both policies, manifestos and mandates and have listened to both ceramahs.


And two months ago, I have since made up my mind and will be flying all the way back to my polling station (located in my hometown Penang) just to cast my vote!


Can't say that I'm not the least bit excited! devil


Polling stations/booths opens at 8AM – 5PM. Come early, expect to wait due to the long queue so bring something to entertain yourself for hours! angel

I've marked my calender and am now sporting nude nails for the first time in ages.

Ladies, remember to remove your nail polish/manicure of any sort before the voting process as you will risk ineligibility to vote or have your vote spoilt.


Don't ask me why, it's something to do with the indelible ink that will be dabbed onto your fingernails.


Important! The ink will take about 30 seconds to dry. Be smart and bring along a tissue to dry off your finger before holding your ballot papers. Any smudge or stain on the ballot paper will render it spoiled vote. 


Logic aside, just don't go to your polling booth with painted fingernails, aight?wink

REMOVE THEM NOW! Your vanity can wait heehee. And so can mine!


Remember not to wear anything that supports or aligns towards the party of your choice to avoid ineligibility

Be absolutely neutral in your clothing. I suggest wearing either black or white – safest bet! laugh


Anyway, in view of the election day, here is a relevant, interesting infographic revolving around real estate and property that I'd like to share. Malaysia  -  #1 Digital Property Advertising Business in Malaysia
Created by Iproperty MY, the number one website in Malaysia
whether you have a house for sale or are looking to buy.
I can relate to the infographic above very well, as I also share the sentiments of the majority. 
As of late, I have actually been scouting and surveying property prices around some of my favorite hot spots around the Klang Valley, particularly Damansara at large.  
But the thought did cross my mind; to wait until AFTER the GE13 to continue my search and proceed any further.
Reason being, well… who knows?
The plausible change of regime *might* see a change in real estate policies, market values and measures. laugh
Ini kalilah!
All in all, whether the tables will be turned or not, I wish for a clean and fair electoral process. yes
Because, whether the ball switches sides to the opposition party or maintains with long-time current ruling party of a 56 year chokehold, the outcome of the federal and the state government that will be in power for the next 5 years ultimately lies in our hands.
We shall all wait and see. Hidup rakyat!
I hope that everyone eligible to vote will exercise their democratic right to cast their vote on the ballot paper this coming Sunday. Don't be lazy. Come on, X marks the spot! cool  Do you know who you are voting for yet? wink
This election is very crucial. Vote wisely, folks!