Now that our assignments & major assessment tasks are over and done with, the exam period comes looming near.

But before that, what better way than to unwind and let down our hair at a houseparty in full swing?


Another good idea would be, dousing ourselves with flaming absinthe shots *wink*


1..2..3.. bottoms up!


My homies back in Malaysia have requested me to buy Absinthe home for them. Would love to, but Absinthe is banned and illegal in Malaysia – so I've heard? Hmmm.. I'd rather not get arrested at KL International Airports the mo I touch down LOL

Also, it's no wonder I've never seen Absinthe at any bottle shop before back at home.


Drink up and study well 😉


Just yesterday, the whole lot of us headed to Alex's crib for our houseparty.

It was an insane night indeed.


Kayla, Alex and I 🙂


I have no idea what Britt is doing 😛

Looks to me like brushing her teeth with an imaginary toothbrush


With Bardha holding up Kyle's pizza 😛


Laura and I – the ONLY ones with Asian blood in us 😉


Kayla and I – was I eating a whole bar of chocolate?



With Konzy corncob 😛 😛


Laura, me & Britt


With Todd!


Houseparty video below, check it out –



Just a lil snippet of the fun we had



Besides drinking, blasting music and all that jazz, we did some bongs of Kronic too.

I'd recommend anyone who's into bongs/joints take a look at this alternative.

It's legal, and that's what's most important. I know the illegal ones are fun, but ya don't wanna get into the wrong hands of the law now, would you?


This big bad wolf will huff and puff and blow down your house!


Besides, this packs a bigger punch than the real deal.

I'm SO not joking 🙂



You're looking at two stoners now.

Or rather, you can see the wall behind us. LOL


Jump up let's get crazy!


Cuddlemunchster! 😀


And then we noticed something not quite right with Alex.

Poor guy was high and drunk – kept laughing non-stop on the kitchen floor


And refused to get up!


It was so funny we kept taking photos and videos

Better yet, pull practical jokes on helpless little Alex!


I decided to have some fun with the Mandarins in top of his head


But Laura had a better idea with the Mandarins and vodka….


Gross!! Looks like someone wet himself? 😛


Check out the video below for a very, very good laugh –



Well, that's what you get when you're in a state of intoxication with your crazy friends!

Bwahahahhaha 😛



So there you go, ladies and gentlemen,



Superman to the rescue!


He looked pretty comfy, so we left him there for a little longer

Until I gestured for Konzy and Hooper to carry him to his bed


It was funny when I assisted a cold, wet Alex undress off his wet clothes and into his pyjamas.

Don't ask me what I saw! Holy bejeebuz.


Just less than 2 minutes after putting him to bed, he came outside again

and started eating a whole block of cheese LOL



After all the laughter was over, i think it was my turn.

Before I knew it, I passed out on the couch. zzzzZZZZZ


Woke up with my pyjama pants on.


Don't remember changing into that but yay three cheers for crazy night and welcome, exam fever!