Ya know what makes me sweat, gives me the adrenalin rush and gets my blood pumpin'?

No innuendo induced, I hope. For the answer is none other than – Dance Dance Revolution aka DDR!


DDR and I share a history, and we have come a long way back! 

Been busting it on the DDR machine since I was only 18. Back then, Gurney Plaza had DDR 3 machines and you would see me there almost everyday after college.


Back in Penang : Hitting Queensbay Mall's DDR Extreme!


And ever since then, I've been a DDR regular – hitting the "dancefloor" whenever I see DDR machines around! Oh and, my faves are DDR 3rd Mix, DDR Extreme and DDR Supernova; the others doesn't quite cut it. Sigh!

When I was in Australia for the past half a year, I felt deprived of DDR simply because I had no clue at all whether or not there were any in Melbourne.

BUT when I found out through my mates, I was delighted and just had to go to the arcade right away!



Here's a video of Konzy and I bustin' it in Mid Valley.

He's not bad for a first timer! 


I cannot wait to go play again! So far the ones in KL are in Sunway Pyramid and Penang has one in Queensbay Mall. The one in Gurney Plaza has changed to something else, that's why I've stopped playing there!


Any challengers? 😀