G'dday! Haven't been updating in a couple of days now as I've been pretty up to my neck with final, major assignments (I'm down to my last one!) and moving from the West rez to the South rez!

So yeah, packing and such… I never realized I had SO MUCH stuff.


Anyway, here's the next sequel to my Sydney trip as blogged here and here


All aboard the MyTrain towards Circular Quay where all the breathtaking landmarks are!


the Shens were nice enough to show me around 😀 😀


While walking along the sidewalk, I caught sight of the Harbour Bridge! OMG I'm that much closer to it.

Just keep walking, and walking…


Habour Bridge in the near distance


When we finally arrived at Circular Quay, the clouds began to loom over the already gloomy sky. A heavy downpour was expected when it started to drizzle 🙁 But never fear! Auntie Julie brought umbrellas for us.


Yay! couzzie Kenneth holding the umbrella while I camwhore 😛


It was rather a long walk, but I was enjoying every minute of it.

I passed so many boats, cargo ships, cruise ships, yachts along the harbour.


Friendship 🙂


Standing up high on the bench!


Passing by more ferries!


The architecture and landmarks weren't the only ones that caught my eye.

There were flocks and flocks of gulls around the harbour too. Take a look at this one!


Minding its own business; posing for my shot


And before I knew it… we have arrived our destination! A surge of exhilaration filled me whole as I spotted one of the finalists of the 7 New Wonders of the World – the Sydney Opera House *bigwidesmile*

It's like hearing/seeing so much about it and finally being able to see it – for real – with your very own eyes.


My excitement knew no boundaries


Lo and behold, what a magnificent sight!


We had to walk past the Harbour Bridge first, before getting into the Sydney Opera House.

I hear people can climb atop/across the bridge… for a hefty fee? I was totally game for it but didn't wanna waste extra money $$$ and time


……. ok fine. I'm somewhat afraid of heights. Just a tad 😛 😛


So I watched from afar


Photos or it never happened!!! 😛

Here I am by the Sydney Harbour Bridge


ze Shen family and I


As we approached the Opera House, I couldn't wait but to camwhore with it before we actually got inside.

So… are you ready for my most mostest-test favourite-test-test-test photo in this blogpost?


yay! Me + Sydney Opera House

You can tell that I was ecstatic.

Like ouumaiigawwwdddd I'm actually here! Ya know what, I aim to see ALL the 7 wonders of the world – new and old.

Okay, that one photo wasn't enough. Couldn't decide which one looked nicer so…. here's another one 😛


You can see the Opera House much clearer in this piccie


And when I finally got closer, here's a full piccie of it.

It's just beautiful, with its shape that resemble either the sails of a ship or a cockle shell to me.


Ooooh. Ultimate jizz.


But hey, want me to be frank?

Apart from all the hoo-haa on the Sydney Opera House and its beauty, it only looks amazing from a distance. When you actually arrive directly in front of it, it looks like a boring, old, brown warehouse


Look, I'm not bagging it or anything, all I'm saying that it doesn't look as impressive as it does from afar.


But I still love it all the same; very glad that I got to witness it for myself for the very first time



Sat on the steps leading up to the Opera House


There were agazillion steps, which makes me wonder if any elderly person can make it up there.

Then I remembered my granny who climbed the Great Wall of China – twice! Not bad.


Here I am against the glass windows of the Opera House


Here's something odd. I'm Chinese but I've never been to China.

I think it works that way for many other Chinese friends of mine too. Well, Imma make it a point to climb the Great Wall of China before I die!




Walked behind the Opera House and sat on another set of many, many steps again


An architectural beauty built by a Danish architect in 1973


Remember what  told you about the gulls?

They were everywhere!


And flocked right into my face LOL

Well, thankfully, I'm no bird prey


Much love and many thanks to the fabulous Shens who took time off their day

to spend this memorable moment with me!


Oh well, a short but priceless trip to the Sydney Opera House *beams*

Here's another piccie of it as I leave – one more for the road!


Adieu! *waves*


All the excitement suddenly fizzled out when I realized I hadn't had my lunch yet.

It was already almost 3pm and all I had for breakfast was a bowl of cereal and an avocado!


Walking towards The Rocks for Pancakes

I hear they are the best. Let's put it to test soon!


Passed by this beautiful flower garden

Look – it's the Harbour Bridge again in the background!


After lunch at Pancakes on the Rocks (review in the next sequel blogpost), we adjourned towards the carpark.

But but waaaiiit a sec –


It's the awesome-pawsome Sydney Opera House again!

This time, from across the clear, blue waters of Botany Bay


My jaw dropped at the wonder of its beauty; standing tall underneath the rays of the sun.

Thankfully, the cloudy skies had cleared up. I ran all the way to the edge of the barricade to photograph it


All in all, I had a brilliant, rockin time!


Although a tad too much gushing about the Opera House for one day, I'm certain you're only gonna hear it once!

Hope you enjoyed reading this just as much as I had writing it. Feel my adrenalin rush!