Yayyyy!!!! The much anticipated post is finally up!

The photos were already ready last week, but I wanted to wait till I posted up the video that I promised

Yup, I spent the entire night making that video tribute which I embedded at the bottom of this post.

If you missed it, today's post is a sequel to this post

I had a pleasant surprise upon arriving the houseparty

OMG Alex decorated it so nicely!! With streamers, wall stickers.. etc

And also, helium balloons! I loved them so much! 

Apparently my mates told me I kept playing with them while I was drunk?

Well, drunk or not, I'd still play with them anyway 😀

And they told me I tried to make everyone fly up to the sky with me like that animated movie, 'Up'

Major thanks to my lovely co-hosts of the party!

Alex & Alex 😀

Prior to the party, I spent the afternoon cooking dinner and baking with a good friend, Pamela.

Tonight's menu comprised 2 huge casseroles of Turkey Carbonara Pasta Bake with Mushrooms and Capsicums, and also Chocolate Pastry Puffs sprinkled with icing sugar.

I was glad all my guests loved it heaps!

omnomnomnom 😀

After our late dinner, we began our drinking sesh and partying!!

Here are some party piccies of us

With Deanna and Alex

With my fellow partyrocker & kitteh, Kayla! 😀

Clockwise L-R : With Abraham, Aaron, Laura and Jaime <3

Clockwise L-R : Mossy, Clayton, Hooper & Deanna


With Jaime! She's Konzy's sister & we both have tattoos on our wrists 😉

Stole Hooper's glasses 😛 😛

I know I've mentioned this previously, but I flippin' love for helium balloons!

Up up up and AWAAAYYYYYY!!!! 😀 😀

Todd and I with our matching green (his) and red (mine) balloons

-photo courtesy of Britt-

I laughed myself silly when Mossy followed suit and tied balloons around his ears

i tied a red balloon around my neck upon arriving! 😛

Somewhere in a cosy corner, some other inanimate friends of ours had their funtimes as well.

Say hi to Archibald the Panda and Skyla the Leopard

Yes. Like owners, like toys 😛

While Kayla and I are busy partyrocking away, the toys will play!

Wootwoot! 😀 😀

The night was still young and we all sat down to play our usual, but deadly, King's Cup
.Gather round, people!

Only half of us at the table, the rest were outside puffing away 😛

Konzy and I on the comfy couch while waiting for King's Cup rules to be written


The gamemasters laying down the rules of the game 😀

Let's get wasted!

Oh and speaking of which, I LOL-ed so much at Alex's straw.

Pretty damn awesome! Reminds me of beer goggles LOLOL

More party piccies!

This time was taken during King's Cup 😀

With Kayla, Bardha, Clayton and Varun

With Jaime

Oh and, the fluffy red phoof-ball was a birthday prezzie from Britt & Laura! I love it <3

With Deanna, Britt and Cherie

With Konzylove

With Varun, Bardha, Todd and Konzy

Rules were rules – fair and square.

A card was drawn and the guys were made to pole dance with any girl LOL

-pic courtesy of Kayla-

Or…. in other instances, with a guy.

Mannn, that's hawt!

LOLOLOL I don't remember when this happened!

Poor Greg hahahahaha

I soon went outside at the porch to join the rest of the chimneys 😛

It was sssooo cold outside I've no idea how the locals handle that kinda temperature of near 0 degrees!

With Aaron and Greg

Did some bongs with some of them and went back inside where it is warm and comfy!

With Ian, Clayton, Cherie and Varun

Playing it diagon-alley with Clayton, Varun and a hidden Cherie

-both pics courtesy of Britt-

Diagonally with Laura!

Can someone please tell me how we ended up under the table???

I don't remember this! O__o

Nor this.

OMG what is the shoe doing in the photo -___-"

Oh and, while I was filtering through some 150 photos of the party, I just HAD to post this up.

Funny picture!

What on earth were they doing LOLOLOL

After so much fun, eating, partying, karaoke-ing and drinking, t'was time to bring out the birthday cake

Credits to Pam who baked the cake for me 😀 *major love*

Due to our lack of candles, we decided a lighter would do the trick 😉

Oh and check out the siblings photobombing me haha!

Couldn't really cut the cake properly as I was so close to passing out

from sheer drinkdrankdrunkeness already 🙁

-pic courtesy of Kayla-

Look at how dreadful my intoxicated cake cutting skills are

 Nawwww birthday girl gets a birthday kiss! 😀

T'was a good night indeed. Even better when people end up passing out. It's a knock out!

Current score : Humans 0 – 2 Alcohol/Bongs


Thank you, to each and every one of you who made my birthday and farewell a fabulous one.

Being able to party with yall one last time before I leave meant a lot to me!

-pic courtesy of Kayla-

With some of my birthday presents!

Check out the massive birthday card on top of my head; it has everyone's messages & signatures on it. On my wall hanging up is where it will be 🙂 I'll get to read/see it anytime I want when I start missing Australia again!

ZOMG I've no idea how my mates found out I had absolute love for chocolate.

I ended up receiving all these too! <3 <3

And just like I promised, here's a video for all of you to remember me by 😀

I've encapsulated all our funtimes together and — okay, I won't tell you any more. Watch for yourselves!


Please please please watch till the END! I spent 6 hours making this.

If you don't, I'll slit my wrists with a blunt knife wtf 😛

I hope you love it and enjoy looking back at our times together, just like I did! (My eyes kept streaming down tears during the process of making the video. Memories got the better of me. But I obviously don't expect you to cry too hahahahaa)

See you guys in September when I return!

Countdown : 62 days

With love, "that Asian girl with the red hair" , Jess.