And so the final examination season is finally over.

All the exam fever has subsided and it's time to rev up; full gear ahead! 


Apart from the outings with the friends & family, I've been letting my hair down and turning up my party dial

So yeah! A short update, here's my weekend encapsulated in photos! (Photos courtesy of my homeboys, thanks!)

Barsonic @ Zouk night outs – OMFG Party

Going insanely supersonic folks!! 🙂


The music put us in a state of trippy trance! It was pumping beyond words, headbanging wasn't ever enough

DJs that spun for the night were DJ Blink of LapSap and the Bass Agents : DJ GanjaGuru & DJ Didjital



Pub-crawling/bar-hopping @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

Twenty.One Kitchen & Bar, Finnegan's Irish Bar and a few others of which I don't remember 🙂



Music was diverse, as we patronized many different outlets along that belt of vibrancy

The night ended pretty swell. Was fun and smexy! 😉



House-party with the bunch @ PJ8 Suites

Because there is simply one rule set by our host : No one goes home sober



Almost finishing the grim concoction of the King's Cup.

Why do I never have any luck? 🙁


You know the night starts to get trippy when you see your friend talking to your cat

Truth…. or dare? One for the boys!


So the houseparty was mad, think Vodka infused watermelons, King's Cup… and others.

It kept going till the morning light and ended with some Hong Kong Dim Sum breakfast!



If you were wondering, yes I have been pretty much nocturnal for the past week.

Apart from that, I did indulge in the occasional daytime activities. 


Kicked back a simple day of grocery shopping with my housies

(I know I look extremely plain and kiddish without make up)


Shopping and getting my usual Starbucks fix with my gurls 


Plus, I got myself the Starbucks christmas edition of their Loyalty Card!

It's lovely and comes with heaps of perks too 😀


Ta-daaaa. All 3 cards (look at the pretty limited edition red one!) You jelly? 😀


Go get yours now at your nearest Starbucks! Hurry up cos the red one is extremely limited.

I *almost* chose the red one but I was too enticed by the adorable snowman!!!!

RAGE!!!!!!! #firstworldproblems


That being said, have a great week ahead ladies & gents