I've always loved being on a ship/boat/ferry/yacht whatever you call it.

As long as its a vessel capable of sailing atop deep waters, count me in!


I was kinda seeing a sailor quite some time back,

should've just married him and live in a ship

Kidding, obviously


If you remember my previous blogposts, my experiences above sea water was when I was aboard STAR Pisces Cruise Ship in 2010 and aboard the USS New Orleans ship in 2009! 

Anyway, it's great to know that Tiger has formed a collabo with the Regatta and threw a fab celebration last week and extended invitations to a few of us to be there to join the party onshore and offshore!


On the Guinness Anchor Berhad coach with my mates from the sphere!


Was a pretty long journey to Port Klang


At least I got to catch the beautiful sunset! 


My first step in Port Klang.

It looked marvellous at sunset. Pity photos never do justice! 🙁


I saw many boats docked by the pier


Inside, the party has just begun!

Here we are at the Royal Selangor Yacht Club for the presentation of the Tiger Challenge Trophy at the unveiling ceremony.


With Tiger rolling about free-flow and heaps of food to go around!


LOL I can see the satay still in your mouth Huai Bin! 😀


Yummy local finger food 😀


I was honoured to witness the launch of the Tiger Challenge Trophy for this premier offshore passage race in Malaysia! For the first time, all IRC yachts regardless of their classes can compete for ONE awesome trophy!


I saw this huge, shiny trophy and thought it might be it

But it turned out that it wasn't! The real one was kept for the handover 😀


In case you didn't know, the challenging offshore passage race will begin on the 18th November and lasts for 8 days! It is run from throughout the Regatta passage: Port Klang to Pangkor, Pangkor to Penang and finally, Penang to Langkawi 🙂


A word from the Regatta representative


A word from Sean Koh of Tiger


We were ushered to adjourn to the habour to enjoy even more Tiger (and the refreshing Tiger Crystal!)

I had fun mingling on a windy night out there 😀


A boat filled with Tiger original and Tiger Crystal beers for us to enjoy!

Simply delish 😀


By the harbour with Sean!  Been a long time since we met up, the last time was during

Tiger's newly redesigned can's freebeer event before I headed off to Australia!


By the pier with Simon and Samantha


After lotsa chillaxing over ice-cold Tiger, all of us were ushered to get onboard the official vessel of the Regatta

Awesome! I was excited to get into the boat 😀


Armed with my Tiger in hand, let's get going 😀

All aboard, mateys!


Giggidy! There you have it, the Historic Sailing Vessel docked at 120 years old, VEGA, before my eyes

me gusta


And I haz boarded it  

Felt awesome to feel my hair blown by the wind above the sea on this magnificent VEGA


Upper deck!


Whoaaa. Even 120 year old Norwegian VEGA is keeping up with the times – a Macbook Pro!


Corridors of the upper deck


Unkempt hair due to the strong winds ahead!


Owner and Master of the  Captain Shane Granger was seen telling everyone stories of the histories, happenings and what he went through with VEGA 🙂 It was great to hear stories straight from the horses mouth.

Just like history being recounted right in fronta you!


Storytime! 😀


The vessel will make a grand sight as VEGA oversees this International Regatta from start to finish.

Official ship, so yeah. It's expected to be there to wow everyone too!


So glad I got to take a photo with him!

But LOL look at how high the tide was & how rough the waves were! 😀


Better photo! Captain Shane Granger and I 😀

He's sucha jolly good fellow. Very informational and jovial at the same time


For a significant amount of time, I was chilling with this lady of which I assumed was part of the VEGA

We were talking about heaps of stuff, ranging from how life was like constantly sailing and about ships in general. We even talked about pirates and commercialized life at sea portrayed by Hollywood movies and such. 


She never told me who she was, but I soon found out from Shane that she was………


Meggie, his wife! 😀

Such a lovely, humble and fun person to talk to 


VEGA will be present during all races of the Regatta


Bumped into Ren! Long time no see 😀


Chilling with the bunch on the upper deck


Ended up making friends onboard VEGA with Ash and Vincent from G2.

Very nice and friendly lads! 🙂


They asked if I wanted to check out the bottom deck, where the sailors (and sailorettes) of the VEGA, is that even a question dudes? 😀 😀 Of course I'd be delighted to tour it all 😀

So yeah, imma take you on a visual tour here. Ahoy, let's go!


When I first got down the steep steps


Wow! Must be their nautica table where they do all their bearings and such


Living room! So comfy and cosy…. with heaps and heaps of books!

Meggie told me that apart from duties, the sailors have nothing much to do but read


Wow. They must be gaining more and more intellectual points with each country they disembark on!

Anyways, Chris and I couldn't help but to camwhore on the mini "library" they had here 😀 😀


Woohoo! And these are not even half of the books I saw in the ship!


The kitchen! Meggie also told me that they cook their meals daily 😀


Dining room!


Toilets…. so adorable LOL


Bedrooms…… AND MORE BOOKS!

See how they have all the time in the world to be knowledgeable and well-read whilst sailing around the world?


I am, actually. I miss my avid reading habits, to be honest.


One day, I see myself being a sailor girl and sailing with my nose in a book throughout the entire journey

I was joking.


I disembarked VEGA feeling slightly seasick due to the bobbing up and down and strong winds

But had an amazing time nevertheless, it was worthwhile!


Here's to wishing the participants the very best of luck for one of Asia's most distinguished Regattas, the Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta in winning the Tiger Challenge Trophy.

Clear skies and fair wind ahead!!