Okay here's a confession: I miss Australia already.

Although I'm enjoying myself back in Malaysia to the fullest just as I always have, my Aussie mates ain't here. They're so far away but thank Facebook for blurring our boundaries!


I was organizing my infinite photo collection and noticed I still had many Ozzie photos I've yet to share.

Heaps more to upload but here goes these ones first!


At Lindt Chocolate Cafe along Collins Street

As an ardent fan of all things chocolate, I was ecstatic to be able to dine in one of Lindt's establishments.

Good suggestion, Alex! 😀 We ordered different kinds of chocolate cakes and their signature hot chocolate


Decided to do something silly with the extra chocolate I had


As expected, it was simply divine. Money well spent! 

Not only were the chocolate delicacies and beverages hot and fresh off the kitchen, they were rich, thick and creamy. 


After a cocoa-filled teatime, we adjourned to Crown Metropol Hotel to check-in for the weekend!

Trivia: The Crown Metropol, which costed $300 million AUD to build was launched on April 2011


While waiting for the check-in procedures, here's some piccies of the hotel lobby/interior!


So grand!


The pretty corridor on the way to the elevators


The best was yet to come. Once we checked into our hotel room, we were in awe.

It certainly boasted a sleek, classy and elegant feel to it.

Two huge king sized beds!


There was a flat screen TV mounted on the wall


Heaps of full length mirrors everywhere!! *squeals*


I like this fancy concept!

The bedroom & the bathroom are divided only by a sliding mirror-door


Well-stocked room! More in the pantry 😀


With the boys


LOL at extremely short buzz haircut 😛


We didn't waste any time in resting whatsoever.

Why rest when we have so much to explore and enjoy in this amazing hotel?


Stripped to our swimwear and it's off to the infinity swimming pool we go!




Deck chairs to read/rest/relax by the pool


I love infinity pools; especially when I'm swimming backwards LOL


Wading in the pool because I can't swim anymore due to my red pigments in my hair 🙁 🙁

Yeah, I hadn't dived/go underwater since 2006


After the swim, I took the chance to check out the fabulous view.

Right from waaaaaayyy up here!


And so I began to take random snapshots of the view


Left the pool area and we decided to go for a steam room & spa session.

So the boys and I went our separate ways to our designated zones 😀


OMG the hot, bubbly spa bath was the shiznit


I began to lay there for quite a while until I *think* I actually dozed off!

When I opened my eyes I saw 2 other ladies in the spa bath with me, without noticing them entering in the first place. So heck yeah, I must've fallen asleep. It was sssooo relaxing and comforting beyond words. 


I swear I could stay in here forever!


Once done with all the water-fun, it was time to get a lil dressy and head up to the exclusive 28 lounge.

There was only ONE elevator heading towards level 28; only accessible by a special cardkey.




Greeted by various canvas paintings of pop-art


Suddenly, it felt so warm in here. We sat by the huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows near the fireplace.

It was so comfy! 


Staying warm on a rainy day


We were served a free-flow of all kinds of wines and liqour you can ever imagine.

Red Wine, White Wine, Beer, Gin, Whiskey, Bourbons, Vodka, Cognac and more!



Up sky high enjoying life from the 28th floor! 😀 😀



Pardon me for the poor quality of photos taken in 28 Lounge

Didn't bring my DSLR up from the room with me 🙁


Too busy drinking and savouring the fine, distilled spirits. :P

I had some delightful glasses of Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernets, together with my all-time favorite Johnny Walker Black Label Scotch Whiskey, a Remy Martin VSOP Cognac and a Tequila Blanco.


The very next morning……


Breakfast at the 28 Lounge awaits us


Delicious and healthy!


The buffet breakfast had a wide array of delicacies


You're talking to someone who's a sucker for breakfast, to be honest.

I never live a day without having breakfast first thing at day break (read: the moment I wake up).


And to enjoy my favorite meal of the day – breakfast overlooking the Yarra Valley 🙂


Bliss 😉


I initially wanted to dine at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant, called 'Maze by Gordon Ramsay' but the queue for breakfast was too long! And since we had a complimentary buffet breakfast at 28 Lounge, I decided against my initial plan.

This is good enough 😀


My favorite way to kickstart the day 

Buttered Toast and hot chocolate/mocha is love


And then comes the platter of my choice of breakfast noms

Sauteed Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Turkey Slice, Avocados, Scrambled Eggs and a glass of milk


Plate #1 of the boyfie's breakfast.

I didn't get to snap photos of his #2 and #3! 😛 😛 


Comfy lounge chairs to chillax on


Again, the warm, crackling fireplace


I can never get enough of fireplaces 

Simply because we don't have any in Malaysia – we don't need one, to begin with.


My weekend at Crown Metropol Hotel with awesome company proved to be a fantastic and memorable one.

Should totally check yourself in for a weekend of fun too, albeit the volume of $$$ involved, but should you like enjoying the finer things in life, this is certainly something to write home about! 🙂