Tired. but so thrilled and satisfied.. seriously, that was one of the best adventure trips of mine this year! Could be better, due to our gang’s budget constraints… but it was tha bomb nevertheless!

The ferry ride was breathtaking enough with a picturesque sunrise scenery. I felt like I was in an updraft because the winds blew at God-Knows-How-Many-Knots-per-Hour! After the ferry ride across to the peninsular, we then brandished our map and were armed with nothing but the clothes on our back.

Hmm.. which way to Kuala Muda?

We arrived at the harbour all hyped up and engines were ready to blast! It was in the afternoon sun and boy, were we flushed!

Ready for an action-packed journey!

It’s an explorace Malaysia for us.. and yea, three in this female team.
Geography suddenly came in handy, huh babes?

In the ferry : When the boredom gets tough, the Gurls will always be gurls (guys included!)

-Cam-whore session-

Before we knew it, it’s touch-down!

The Rent-a-Car hell sucks! And the weather was merciless! They charged us 80 friggin bucks for a Proton Wira with extremely low fuel! Haha. oh what the hell, right? It’s all part of the adventure… they don’t call it Survivors for no reason Despite the frustration, we made use of the sunlight and did whatever that made us happy.

Why, thank you Mother Nature.

After filling up the fuel, we then adjourned to the Mahsuri exhibition centre in Padang Mat Sirat for the LIMA shows and displays. *sigh* we still did lose our way for a moment even with the help of a map. Thank goodness a good Samaritan helped us with the directions

Yes, we know we are Geographically challenged.
Ya have a problem with that? *grin*

Terima kasih Encik!!


Hence the success of arriving in time

The exhibition was indeed marvelous. You could tell in my previous post that I was extremely excited and revved up, couldn’t ya? I couldn’t get to upload any piccies then due to the restrictions of the bluetooth technology in that random laptop.

yay!! We received lotsa freebies too!

*squeals* We met Sheikh Muszaphar!!!!!!
He’s ssso cute!!

Those were only a few from the inside… let’s take a look outdoors now!

Osama’s 2nd attack??

Muahahaaha.. we then went straight back to the hotel to chill. Played some card games and bet on alcohol, sat to chitchat until our tummies signaled dinner

Duty free shopping never felt this good…

Yummy cute miniature Absolute! I want it for my collection!

Hersheys makes me SMILE!

After puchasing all the necessary stuff needed for our very own booze and hangout session at Pantai Chenang beach, we drove straight there just before our lil midnight party

Love ya’ll babes! Friends since we were kids!

wtf??? lol.. I did not recall this pic at all.
Thanks Zoe! Credit goes to Kerwin for snapping this rare pic !

Everyone’s cellphone and camera weren’t exactly in a working condition the next morning. Probably recovering from hangovers just like we were. LOL. Nah, those gadgets of ours just had one too many gulps of sand when were burried each other here and there

Kuah town was the 1st destination for us and we did lotsa shopping there too.. woo-hoo!

My new pair of Adidas superstars

 Haha.. the new Adidas ambassador

Hiking anyone? hahahaa… Telaga Tujuh was where we headed to
and check out the coconuts!!

fuggin huge, no?
Compare it to our heads and then to yours

omg… we missed the ferry at 3pm and the next round is at 7pm! goodness me! LOL. While we kept ourselves occupied playing some games…..

My other two babes were somewhat bored outta their wits!

So we went shopping around again *grinnn*

Well at least we ain’t looking like this
She REALLY has nothing better to do too. LOL

6.59pm… tick tock goes the clock. 7pm!!! Finally, we then got through the customs officers, queued up and boarded our ferry.

Sayonara Langkawi!!

Thumbs up for us and our trip!!!
Love yall peeps – I enjoyed it hell lots

*more pix in my Facebook soon! Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 altogether*