Here I am broadcasting LIVE from the Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace (LIMA) exhibition!!


All i can say is, it motherfuckin rockssssss!!!! The hothothot Angkasawan Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor was there and OMFG anyone could just frickin melt with his charm and hunky looks! I took his piccie!

The air show was magnificent – just like a cross between Pearl Habour jet fighters vs. Air force One! The ground-breaking decibel sounds roaring from the planes were to die for. It’s like a live surround sound! OMFG

I took gazillions of piccies with my gang together with the superb exhibits and boy did we have a ball of a time!

[My babe Sharmeen says “hi….. MUACKSKSKSSSSS* and Zoe says “Me too!!” ]

My dear readers, I’ve gotta go now.. Hui the wise merman just gave me a call. (the name is an inside joke.. hahahaa.. rite Sharmeen? muahahah)We’r gonna so someplace else now! stay tuned to more scoop!

Can’t wait to tell yall so much more! 
It’s insanely breathtaking here!

*hugsss & kisssesss*