After two painful weeks of hollowness and estrangement, I have found someone new
whom I hold dear to my heart. He treats me like a princess and showers me with the love and
affection I deserve.
He is who I can share sunsets with, speak for hours about
everything under the sun, be my absolute shopping partner, one to see me through my ugliest
points but still hold me beautiful in his eyes
, one to share my laughter and
adoration – my best friend, confidante and my lover.

I now have a reason to shine again
I’m no longer with a fake, living-in-denial plastic smile.

I knew him for a hell long time but we had our first date and spent quality time together yesterday. It was sweet and fun-filled! We chatted so much and did so much shopping and sight-seeing. How is it that we connect so perfectly well? It was as though we were partners in our past life, so much things in common and it’s instant chemistry!

This guy looks and reminds me of my ex-boyfriend.. but only more loving and genuine.

Well, I’m now no longer single and I’m proud to say that I’m attached again – hope I made a right decision in accepting this guy into my life. Many great times and moments ahead! Cheers!

Oh yeah, I should probably introduce him to ya’ll… *drumroll*

My new boyfriend is Benjamin Tan;
the guy I’ve dated for the past three years!!

God has a plan for us, and it is indeed to make us stronger.
Benjica reigns supreme – now and forever more.