Today, I've decided to write an entry to explain, once and for all.

I've had enough of "Jess! What happened to your hair?" and "OMG Jess did you cut all your hair off?" all month.


This is what happened

I don't remember replacing my glorious long red hair with burnt, fried grass/hay 🙁


If you've been reading for a while, you would know that I've been a red-head for 6 years now. 

Yep, I know that's an awfully long time. Check out all my hair escapades – here


But this trademark has since set to become my image and signature look already, hence I decided to keep it.


After my trip to attend Hennessy Artistry in Penang, I went to a hair salon to re-bleach my hair and give it some hair treatment. 

The stylist managed to convince me to get my hair permed so I could have permanent curls.

Seeing that I like wavy/curled hair and frequently tong my hair by myself when I attend events, I relented and got my hair permed.


It turned out disastrous.


It was frizzy, unmanageable & felt like dried grass to the touch & smelt burnt


It may look fine in the photos, but trust me, it's not.

Friends of mine who saw how terribly destroyed my hair was, were horrified.



The texture was just ruined and calling it brittle would be giving it too much credit. 

Bottom line, my crowning glory wasted away before my eyes.



For days, I cried & slapped on serum, conditioner, repair creams & everything I could do to salvage the little glimmer of hope I harboured.

When everything was proven futile, a day came when I could no longer stand it…..


I grabbed the 1st scizzors I could find and chopped everything off


And then I *still* wasn't satisfied. So, I took the same scizzors & went SNIPSNIPSNIP again


Doesn't look too shabby at all, right? 😀 I kinda like it!

It made me happy for a week, until I realized how I just cannot be seen with uneven, self-cut hair which was deliberately chopped off out of despair! I wanted something more professionally done & urban-looking.


So I landed myself in another hair salon to have it done properly




The end product (back view). What do you think? 😀


Front view


I think I'm adapting to this prissy, sleek haircut so far


9/10 of my friends, family, readers and strangers' response were positive

YAY!!! 😀 😀 Looks like my nightmarish ordeal was finally over


My stylist told me that I should give my hair a rest and not bleach + dye it red for a while to allow my hair to recuperate and replenish its strength.

Well, it sure deserved that much needed rest after being fried and burnt like discarded toast.



Never in my life, would I have imagined myself donning a haircut THIS SHORT.

But there was nothing left I could do. Looks like I took matters in my own hands this time – literally!



For now, I shall just continue to help it repair & regenerate by itself. 

But if I'm feeling cheeky, the redhead will be back sooner than ya think!