As many of you would know, I am generally known as that red-head blogger girl.

I wouldn't expect anything else, considering the fact that I have donned red hair since 2006.


Including having a blog category of 'Hair Escapades' which documents bits & pieces of all things hair-related.
Anyway….new year, new look!


Imma be sporting a side-shaven buzzcut now!



Byebye to an entire chunk of long red hair


Still debating whether or not I should do it at that time

But hey, why not take the plunge? ;)



Apart from that, I'm still that same ol' redhead that you know me as.

How can I not be? Not gonna change my signature look/colour for the world! 😀


To be honest, I have yet to get used to this hipster hairstyle. 🙁


Prior to this, I would always just smile & love the camera at any angle thrown at me. 

But after having this hairdo, I couldn't help but to fidget irritably at the way it swept sometimes wrongly to the side, or ruffled in an awkward position.


Hence I wouldn't stop taking test-photos to determine which angle suits this hairdo best



Even my mom and the boyfie noticed. They asked me why I seem to be camwhoring so much more now.

Truth is, I wasn't exactly camwhoring for fun; more of trying miserably to identify what works with the new cut.


Sigh. Just Paranoid Parrot getting the better of me ;(



Less buzzcut showing


More buzzcut showing



These photos today are some of the angles or expressions that *actually* work.

I realized that other angles really made me look like a boy or a dyke 🙁 🙁


So I guess it's this angle for now until my undercut grows back




To my surprise, when I tweeted and Facebook-ed the photo of my new hairstyle, so many people commented how awesome it looks, how it really suits me and my character as well as my having this hairdo was "just so very you Jess!". 



Wow, I'm so relieved 🙂 Thanks so much everyone!!

It really made me feel better. Perhaps I'm just not used to actually walking around with it for the 1st time


Diagonal side view 


Candid bottom view


Oh and speaking of which, the other half had an undercut done too 🙂



Here's a real close-up and side view of how it really looks like


Who's this new Skrillette in the block?


If you're wondering who inspired my hairstyle, it's none other than Dubstep artiste SKRILLEX!


Skrillex aka Sonny Moore


After having my Skrillex-haircut, I googled up to see which other celebrity has had the same do done.

I found heaps!



British singer Cher Lloyd




Progressive House & Trance vocalist Emma Hewitt



Even pop singer Ke$ha has it


Gradually, taking heaps of photos and eventually finding my best angle that complements my new haircut made me fall in love with my new side-shaven undercut buzz even more and more.

Also, throughout the past few days when I was back in Penang for Chinese New Year, I was somewhat pleased to have random people stopping me in the mall or in the streets telling me things along the lines of :

To which I replied…


I know, right? 😀

… and loving it by the day!