If there’s no reason for me to visit my lovely island, I will find every reason to.

Fortunately, ELEVATE hit the shores of Penang last fortnight and extended me an invitation to be part of the happenings at Penang International Sports Arena (PISA) for a night of mingling, music and mayhem!


Headed back to the island to attend ELEVATE!

Before I begin, I would like to congratulate the winners for my contest once again.

Thanks for participating, everyone! ‘Till the next giveaway! 😀


Hope all 5 of you enjoyed yourselves! 


I arrived at the party scene with both my plus-twos as early as 9pm.

As VIP guests, we were ushered to the front of the extremely long queue. :D Thank you, ELEVATE!


Entering the venue

Cool set up at the podium! 


Upon reaching the arena, it was great to have met and reunited with so many familiar faces – the party hasn’t even started yet!

Then again, it IS Penang Island after all, where everyone knows everyone 


((Style of the Day))

TheJessicat wears : Two-toned tube dress by Forever 21 | Shoulder bag by Coach |

Blue tie-dyed scarf by moms! | Clinch belt by a bazaar in Singapore |

Blue slingback platforms by Forever 21


One of the 1st few things that caught my eye was a green screen where guests could have their photos taken with an image of your choice photo-imposed into the background.

Here’s another photo booth whereby guests could take photos and upload them directly onto Facebook!


LOL yeah, that’s me trying to take a photo of the photobooth taking a photo of me.


The result

Before the 1st act of the night was set to hit the stage, I scoured the arena and mingled about with some friends over free-flow of Carlsberg and scotch whiskey. 

Some photos! :D


Usherettes were also seen walking around the arena inviting guests to play some interactive iPad games where we could win ourselves pretty cool prizes!

I had fun blasting green fireballs at the usherettes and…. I won myself a lighter that emit green flames when flicked! 


Before we knew it, the opening act had begun after the MC’s warm welcome!

We had the pleasure of having Korean born DJ Siera Lee, who is now based in Sydney, to spin for us tonight.

She played a good mash-up of R&B, popular pop hits and Electronic Dance Music.


We had fun dancing to her tracks!

Next up was the Mocha Girls, a dance group comprising 5 sizzling hot ladies from The Philippines


They were excellent in their energetic dance routines & sang very well too!

Totally reminded me of The Pussycat Dolls with their similar demeanour and style :D


Even the lead singer, Mocha, resembled Nicole Sherzinger somehow!

They were not only energetic, they were extremely flexible!

We were thoroughly entertained, especially the male guests methinks :P


Continued mingling with my fellow partyhats! 

Here are some more photos 😀


And the party doesn’t stop! 

Everyone were all pumped up to watch the final 2 acts for the night 😀


Guess who was on the dance floor partying with us as well?

DJ Siera Lee! 😀

Group photo! 😀

Thank you for tonight, Don! 


After a very elaborate entrance and a buzzing digital lightplay show on the panoramic screens, the walls of the staged spun 360 degrees and DJ Hiloco aka Nerodoll appeared before our very eyes! 😀


On to the decks!

A brilliant collaboration soon ensued.

8TV’s Showdown 2011 champions with a pretty epic group name – Elecoldxhot, performed a perfectly tight, synchronized and fascinating dance routine while DJ Hiloco spun her set.


Dressed smartly in their funky streetwear, they burst out and set fire to the stage

Turn up the heat, boys!

With their crazy popping, locking, breakdancing, shuffling and so many more dances,

it was no wonder they walked away as winners from Showdown 2011!

I was busy bobbing in unison as well!

Very awestruck, I was. Loved it!  They’ve got so much swag

DJ Hiloco

After their mind-blowing performance, DJ Hiloco continued her set and raised the temperature even higher.

Her eclectic set of Electronic Dance Music comprising mainly trance, progressive house, techno, dubstep, brostep, electro and big room, made me want to never leave the arena! 


She was fabulous!

After an exciting time out at a energy-driven party, I was all drained from the night.

Penang certainly never fails to bring me excitement and fun.. apart from the food of course 😛


Another Saturday night well spent!

Check out the links for ELEVATE KL and IPOH here that took place later this year.