The world's #1 international premium beer now has a new facelift!

To commemorate their new iconic bottle design, Heineken decided to throw an epic new bottle launch party and fly world-reknown Dutch DJ/Producer Ferry Corsten down to Malaysia to shoot their party to the skies even further.


Being an avid fan of Ferry Corsten & a frequent raver, Heineken's invitation to this party

just made my mid-week more awesome then ever!


After registering my attendance & getting the stamp on my wrist, it was time to go inside the party scene


I was all set to rave to the progressive trance beats and bombs of Ferry Corsten with my mates.

What could be better than raving with ice-cold Heineken to give you that boost of rejuvenation you need? 



TheJessicat wears: Graphic cropped top by Forever 21 |

High-waisted skirt by a bazaar in Singapore | Red bangle by Diva |

Dreamcatcher by a bazaar in Singapore | Wristlet by Burberry

Gold Winged kicks inspired by Jeremy Scotts by Adidas |


The moment I stepped inside, I caught sight of the gorgeous new Heineken bottles in a glass enclosure.

Such a beautiful, sparkly display! :D


Heineken's new iconic bottle design

I wrote all about it here if you wanna know more! 🙂


My party-mates for the night! 


By the time we stepped inside, the party was already in full-swing.

The music was resonating everywhere, the lights were bouncing back and forth & the crowd was pumping!


Partying to the opening acts of the night


None other than local DJ duo DJ Blink & DJ Xu of LapSap fame!


Sipping on my ice-cold beer while LapSap turns up the volume!


It was a delightful treat for all the guests tonight as the Heineken came in torrents of a never-ending flow!


Everybody loves Heineken! 


Some party piccies of my buddies and I at the Heineken Progressive Tour.

Let the happy faces of the partygoers roll 



Soon after, our MC of the night –  MTV VJ Utt, welcomed us all again and gave a toast to Heineken!

HIP HIP.. HOORAY! To a successful bottle launch party! 


Cheers! Let's clink our bottles & savour the goodness


We were then shown a short introductory video clip on Heineken's New Bottle.


I was enticed. It was really well done!


It was a lovely insight on the new Heineken iconic bottle design.

After the video showcase, it was time for the main act of the night 


Sparks from the fireworks broke through the air and guess who finally made his appearance?


Ferry Corsten!! 


Specially flown down to spin for us at Heineken's party,

Ferry Corsten's 2 hour set was roaring to go!


The entire party scene transmorphed into a massive indoor rave party in a flash!


It was insane. Totally reminded me of how good Ferry was!


The last time I partied with him was at the christmas party in Zouk!


Podium dancers then appeared with their rather flashy, neon outfits

and entertained us with their eclectic moves


Here's a close-up on the dancers! Epic costume, ey? 


We be getting our kicks on to the lights of Electronic Dance Music! 


While we were raving close to the stage, the security guards & bouncers kept ushering us further away from the stage and shoo-ing us to retreat.

We thought they were just being anal and a bunch of party-poopers but we were so wrong!


Giant spurts of fire burst out from both sides of the stage periodically


No wonder we were being shoo-ed away!

They just didn't want us to get charred by the immense flames!


Safety first! Why, thank you so much for making sure us guests weren't prone to danger :)

Okay, back to the party!


Ferry was as good as ever that night. 



He played his well-known tracks such as Punk, Radio Crash, Sweet Sorrow, We Belong, Into the Dark, Brute as well as remixes of other DJ/Producers tracks such as Tiesto, Marcus Schulz, Swedish House Mafia, Avicii and many more!


We went absolutely mad headbanging and shuffling to his tracks 


Stopping for a photo!


Taking a short break!

Draining our bottles of Heineken was a perfect way to cool down before raving again 




Ferry continued escalating the party momentum to infinity and beyond! 


Towards the end, confetti burst out everywhere


It was truly an event full of jubilation, celebration and merriment


Congratulations on your spanking new iconic bottle again, Heineken!

Thank you, I had a fantastic time being a part of your celebration tonight