Most of you would know that I've had my trademark red hair for as long as ever.

And by ever I mean ever since I was granted emancipation from rules and regulations of high school, upon graduation of course. So by the end of 2006, the color of my hair was finally my choice and mine alone.

Yup, 5 long years of blood red hair… and counting!



Anyhoozers, I had no idea what gotten into me one fine day.

I wanted a stronger colour of red so I bleached it 3 levels higher.

Gradually, the burning sensation on my scalp came to pass and I brushed it off. But  when I saw my red fading away into blonde, my mouth gaped open.

Urmmm… whaaaa-aaat? I'm blonde now?


ZOMG. I soon found myself looking like a dip-dyed red blondie


Thank goodness it didn't go platinum. If it did then I must've had bleached it 8 levels without realizing it.

So I just kept staring and staring at that semi-blonde girl in that mirror. Who on earth?

No sirree. There is no way in heaven and hell that TheJessicat would exist in the same sentence as blonde hair. No offense to any blondies whosoever but blonde has just never (and will never) be my colour.


Mom and I

But the most ironic thing was that after a while of blow-drying and letting everything settle down, I began to be in favour of the end product. At certain angles, you'd see some dip-dye pink and red along with the blonde.

I thought it was rather unique… for strange reasons unbeknownst to me.


I mean, come on! It was something different, no? I've been a red head for 5 years and I've never seen myself in another colour before. Let alone blonde of all colours someone keeeeel me pleeease.

I know the pic on the right made me look like I'm bleeding off the top of my head from

brain haemorrhage but don't worry. It's just the sucky quality of a random camera.


Then I started getting curious stares as to why my hair was halfway done like that


I don't think any hairdresser would dare to stand up for it LOL. As close as it was to a disaster, I began to grew fond of this new look.

So I decided that it would be sticking around for a bit longer before I turn it back to bloodshot red.


But that "longer" lasted for only 72 hours before I couldn't stand the living daylights of being part-blonde anymore.

At work, my editor approached me at my desk and said, "Jess! Why is your hair like that!" and that was the ultimatum.


So goodbye blonde and say hello to the bloody red head

She's back to stay… for good.