That time of the year is over again!
When Muslims fast for the entire day and when all restaurants get jam-packed at approximately 7.30pm, you know it’s the Ramadhan month
I was in Kuantan, Pahang a few weeks ago to help facilitate The Star BRATs young journalist workshop and something caught my attention. There was Ramadhan spirit in the air all around us!

Whilst in Makhota Square to join the entire ‘buka puasa’ session in the evening, we were pleasantly surprised to see hundreds and hundreds of Muslims from different families and backgrounds all gathering together while breaking their fast ala picnic style!



Random shot the famous mosque of Penang when I was roaming the streets one fine day

Anyways, they were all eating on the grassy field with a huge mosque – fully lighted up in all its glory – in the background! What a picturesque Ramadhan moment indeed. Now, if only I managed to alight that car and capture the scenic moment on camera πŸ™

Speaking of which, I’ve something to share with all of you.


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Here’s to wishing you ‘Salam Aidilfitri’ and have a great Hari Raya ahead

Now that the Raya holidays are over, it's back to the fast and furious lifestyle of work.


Drive safely on the roads and welcome back folks!