Despite not being Indian nor practicing Hinduism, I am Malaysian.

And being Malaysian means having ONE Malaysian culture, Deepavali is part of it. It is not surprising how we have fond memories of Deepavali too!




My interracial childhood involved playing, interacting, learning, hanging out & growing up with my pre-school, primary school, high school, college mates & uni mates of Indian descent  felt like it was only yesterday 

When I was a child of five, my next-door neighbour was a jolly Indian boy, whom I called, "thambi". 

I would watch with great interest, when his father decorated their door with garlands of flowers & colourful LED lights as Deepavali approaches.

In high school, several of my closest friends were Indian too.

I remember celebrating this festival of lights with them when they welcomed me into their homes during Deepavali. The food & spices were simply mouthwatering! 



I still enthuse over the kaleidoscope of Kolams beautifully designed on the floor! :D


Those brightly coloured rice in distinct, geometrical Rangoli patterns never failed to fascinate me 

Here's to hoping I get to celebrate Deepavali with my Indian friends again this year.




A clip on the Classical Indian Dance which I found really interesting! :D


For Petronas, it has always been their intention to help promote and inculcate underlying values from the diverse heritage, tradition and cultures that brings all Malaysians together, for all their festive campaigns.

The rest of their festive campaign's key driver 'Be the Light – A Celebration of Culture and Tradition' will feature exhibitions and series of greetings.



The said Deepavali exhibition which will take place at GALERI PETRONAS, inclues a series of cultural activities such as Henna drawings, Classical Indian dances, the Art of Kollam, Indian traditional costumes and more.

If you're up for it, you can see the full list & schedule –  here




That being said, have a wonderful Deepavali celebration, my Hindu friends & readers! :kiss


தீபாவளி நல்வாழ்த்துக்க  

May you enjoy this year's festival of lights!