You know what's really awesome?

The fact that we're gonna get cash prizes and awesome rewards whenever we reload our cellphones at least 10 times a month (RM10 minimum) between now till 28th February!


It's crazy, I know!
The more times we reload, the more we're gonna get rewarded with perks that comes with it πŸ˜€

You really can't ask for more! Reloading only 10 bucks but getting so much in return? It's like me putting on a small mask for a party but I get rewarded with some elaborate masquerade wear fit for a ball.


So Celcom users, you're in luck! The cash prizes are so huge it'll be sucha steal!

Trust me, you'll have your jaw hung open when I show you how much the cold hard cash prizes are later!

By the way, did you notice this symbol beside the word RELOAD?


FYI, it doesnt mean "terms and conditions apply" like all the other boring promos out there with a catch.

Look closer!

It's combination of + and  x.


This means the more you reload (+) and the more times you reload (x),

the more cool rewards you'll get in return!


So next time you see at any locations, you'll know that this is the place where you can reload your XPAX, U.O.X or S.O.X number. Don't need to search far and wide 'cos there are thousands of locations of . So convenient!




Anyone can participate in this promotion regardless of whether you're an XPAX, U.O.X or S.O.X user

So are you ready to see whatchu gonna get?


It's pretty damn simple!

  • Reload a minimum of RM10 (10 times)between now and 28th February
  • If you do your 5th reload on the same day as the 4th reload, you will receive 100 mins of FREE talktime to any number on the same network valid for 2 days
  • If you do your 7th reload on the same day as the 6th reload, you will receive free calls & SMS to your 15pax/8pax for 1 whole week
  • Your 10th reload must be done before the 28th February deadline!

Cash prizes differ according to different plans you're on πŸ™‚

THAT'S A LOT OF $$$$$$$!


So whatchu waiting for? NOW πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Celcom users are really in for a generous treat! I hope other users don't get jealous okay! πŸ˜›