Yes Yes! Watch football with me and a whole buncha peeps LIVE through the largest TV screen in Southeast Asia this weekend!

Haha yup, this is coming from a newly turned footie fan


Honestly, prior to 2010, I wasn't exactly a huge fan of football of any sort. Be it FIFA World Cup, Barclay's Premier League, English Premier League or anything related to it at all.



I was invited to the FIFA 2010 World Cup trophy tour!


Only then I understood what the whole hype was about! 😀

I could clearly remember being all eggcited during the FIFA World Cup and even betting on which teams are gonna win or lose!

Here's some memories of my homies and I in the spirit and gathering together to watch the finale!!


Clearly, we're all rooting for Spain!


Sometime last year, I too had an encounter with football – this time, a Manchester United party held in Quattro.

Lots and lots of MUFC fans in the haus!


Can't see me here, but I was wearing red too btw! 😀


So naturally, I'm psyched for this Sunday's LIVE viewing party!

In the meantime, you can catch up with latest Man Utd news before the match day at "The Stadium" in this very funky The World of Everyone Connects website! Walk around and check the "place" out! It's so cute and virtual – like The Sims haha!



You can also chat and comment about the match or during the game at the "Kopitiam" with other people, in real time!

So if you can't make it and watching the game at home instead, you can still comment and chat LIVE with us at the party


Hey, that's me in fronta the "Kopitiam"! 😀


One more thing! Just FYI, you can get exclusive TM Manchester Utd merchandise and FAN ZONE seats when you sign up for any TM products or services this Sunday at the party.

No wonder TM's so involved, Telekom Malaysia (TM) is the official integrated telecommunications partner of Manchester Utd in Malaysia!


You can check out the website yourself 


They're on Facebook too! Go "LIKE" the Everyone Connects Facebook page and get a cool EveryoneConnects wristband at the TM booth this Sunday during the party!


So, are you ready for the showdown!!?

Where Chelsea takes on Manchester United at Stamford Bridge all the way in London!!

I know I am!

Lemme bet your bottom dollar that the Red Devils will trash Chelsea all the way!

Make Alex Ferguson and the rest of the world proud


Popping down to Nike too, to buy my 1st ever Manchester Utd football jersey 😀

I shall be waving this "flag" proudly until the end of time!


Sorry Chelsea, you won't stand a chance 😛


Can't wait for the LIVE viewing party!

See you at Padang Timur, PJ this Sunday (19th Dec 2010) at 12PM or see you virtually at the "Kopitiam"!