Rawr!!!! So yeah, I know it has been a few days since my last update.


Had been so occupied, you have no idea!

Lotsa things happen and everyday is likened to unfurling, pleasant dreams and memories


But for today, I wanna share the pictures I shot from the Jungle Party which I attended with my mates!


Ya ready to get down wild and vicious animal style? 😀 😀


So we were all getting ready for the event, dressing up, making up, putting on props and taking pictures!

Managed to only take 2 piccies before the party – as everyone else were still busy dolling up


Deanna aka lioness and I


Clayton aka Tarzan and I 😀


Again, it was a rainy and cold night this time.

So off we went in Clayton's car and zoomed off to the party!


Laura aka WWF Panda and I!


The jungle trekkers Josh (and his friend) and I!


It was awesome fun throughout the night.

A different version of a masquerade party, if I do say so myself. Cos so many peeps came in full-fledged make up and masks that it's honestly difficult to recognize who it was!


Check it out :


Who's behind the mask? 😛



Leopard vs tiger showdown!


Also, I freakin' love how the culture here in Australia is conditioned in a way that everybody rocks up ACCORDING TO THE THEME of any parties instead of being a spoilsport and not dressing up nor looking the part at all.

Yeah well, back home in Malaysia, only the party heads dress up while the rest doesn't give two hoots to even party along with the theme.


A zebra, leopard and tiger on the loose!


Jungle natives and I!


Here's a piccie with me and my gurls 😀


 LOL see the sniper in the bush drinking a can of Smirnoff ahahahaha





Environmentalists going green!? 😀 😀 hahaha


See that creepy guy in the background lolol


Say helloooo to my awesome housie, Milly! 😀

She's looking so fine in her leopard top


One of my best buddies here, Verity the leopard! 😀





More leopard gurls in the house!


OMG SUPER CUTE! Bumped into Laura aka Dora the Explorer!!!



With Jade… also a fellow leopard tonight 😀



Now this, I swear, is something I will never dare to wear!

It's a really hawt one-piece suit … she has guts 😉


Now, with so many jungle animals around, who's there to catch 'em all?



Gotta catch 'em all


I'm not sure what Jack Gamble is tonight, but my 2 cents tells me it's either a bee or a baby tigga.

But then again bees don't have ears. So, bright yellow baby tigga it is! 😀


snake! For a change, snake skin girl!


Oh and, remind me (and yourself, if you ever go to a Jungle-themed party) to never wear leopard prints.

Because for chrissakes, you'll see like 60% of people rocking up in that and you wouldn't wanna be just another common face in the crowd!


Or unless you do 🙂


See Vanessa's epic make up!

Melikey 😀 😀 Whiskers and look at the nose too!


Here's looking at you!


Blurry piccie but yeah, Abraham the bush and I! 🙂


With Danny the….. Mexican lost soul in the jungle LOLOL

So like all the parties we go too, we let loose, dance the night away and get ourselves so smashed that it's epic!

Phew I had lotsa tequila and vodka shots on this night that by the end of the party, I was getting a tad woozy 🙁


Thankfully, Deanna walked me home though 😀

thanks gurl! xx


Wokay! That's all for tonight.


More updates soon. Also, my apologies to certain prudes if the dress I'm wearing is a little revealing though.

After all, that's how we roll – getting down wild at jungle party! RAWWWRRR!