When I think of barbeques, I think of beachside barbeque parties/gatherings that has been a frequent activity between my buddies and I.

But ever since I set foot in Australia, I began to realize that the barbeque lunches or dinners had a vast difference

It revolves around so much meat and well.. meat.

Back in Malaysia, we'd barbeque almost everything and anything.

I'm very familiar with, and personally love having fish balls, prawn balls, cheeseballs, sausages, crab meat sticks, chicken wings, marshmellows, prawn balls, jacket potatoes, capsicums, nuggets, squids with my barbeques.


But over here, it's all about ONIONS, THICK MEATY SAUSAGES, STEAK and BEEF PATTIES.


Plus, their barbeque pits are different too.


It's not like the usual chicken wired ones we have in Malaysia, but rather a slab of metal griller thingy.

With some 6 barbeques I've been to in Australia so far, it has always been the same oily, meaty thing.


Probably it's because that's their usual Australian way of barbeque-ing that I need getting used to.


Yes I was hungry so anything goes 🙂


Here' their routine – Light up the charcoal, oil up the barbeque pit, fry the onions till they're golden brown, barbeque the beef patties and sausages till they're all greasy-fied and ready to be eaten with bread and a choice of mayo, tomato sauce, BBQ sauce or mustard

And here's ours Light up the charcoal (or dig a deep, wide hole in the sand with bricks and chicken wire if it's a beach BBQ), poke a combination of our fave pieces through a skewer, butter them up, chitchat while rotating our skewers and waiting for it to be ready


For unknown reasons, my Aussie mates have suddenly taken a shine on Malaysia after all my sharing of stories and lifestyle I have back at home and are planning a trip up at the end of the year! Yay!


I really can't wait to show them our Malaysian style of barbeque parties... something like the beach barbeque party I had in 2008.

That was 3 years ago, just so you know. 



Some random piccies from the barbeque party 🙂


Two of my housies, Elizabeth and Narelle 🙂



It was in the middle of summer, so only God knows why it was SO COLD almost every day ;(

Anyhoozers, it's a good reason for a hot, sizzling barbeque evening! 🙂


I could kill for a barbeque with my friends back in the beaches of Penang Island, Malaysia anytime.

I miss our kind of barbeque heaps!!!!