Now that my assignment marathon is over, it's time to clear up the rising hill of clean laundry on my bed.

Yes, as I mentioned here, my bed hasn't been slept in for a week; my room is tantamount to a touch-and go-hotel room, where I'd just come in, change my clothes, freshen up and head right off either to uni or south rez.


Anyway! I've got some time to chillax before diving headfirst into the next round of assignments again.

Mother Nature celebrated with me today – with such a lovely weather 🙂


Altocumulus clouds! I've never seen quite like it before.


It's all white and fluffy! Arranged so haphazardly against the azure canvas, I couldn't help but to stop in my tracks and watch it with admiration.

I mean, sure, I've seen lotsa clouds before but these little specks are really cute as!



Here I am on my way back from grocery shopping at Woolworths 🙂

Bought lotsa stuff for my dessert baking session for 1 birthday party and 1 BBQ party this week


If you noticed in the background, yeah there are construction going on around Churchill at the mo.

They're prolly trying to upgrade the skatepark or to quote my mates, they might be "building a rape dungeon" -__-"




Oh and, as I was walking over to South rez after shopping, I came across these lovelies snugly rooted amidst the grassy field.


It's an Agaricus Bisporus!

Yup, White Mushroom is its common name 🙂

I wonder if I could just pluck it off and cook it ala Portobello mushrooms? haha

It's nice spacing out one day from the busy city life to actually breathe and give nature a chance to take the front seat


Have you explored your neighbourhood lately? Or even your backyard?

You totally should, you'd be surprised what you might find there!