I’ve finally experienced something which I’ve never attempted before. No, it ain’t climbing Mount Everest neither is it anything remotely close to scaling the seven seas with a yatch. It is….

sleeping horizontally on a single bed 
with two other people!


Taking into consideration that I’m of almost  5’7″ and my other ‘bedmates’ hitting around 5’5 respectively, it was just beyond wonder as to how we managed such sleeping positions. But hey, it hell doesn’t matter because we were just to tipsy to give a shit of any form of discomfort.

It was only during the morning after, when we realized that we had made it through the night in our odd positions. I guess, the human instincts will always prevail, should humans face any challenging circumstance. Thank God we are made to be accustomed to new conditions! =)

Aight, it’s breakfast time. Toodle-loo!

Work was tiring but a great learning experience

Note to pals – Thanks for a great time at Mois. It totally rocks 
Glad we were there for its grand opening!