When you hardly ever get to meet the people that matter due to a myriad of "excuses" such as busy schedules, distance, no money, can't be bothered dressing up, no time, don't feel like going out and the like, nothing beats spending a full day out with them when you finally get the chance.

For bestie Joyce and I, we don't hang out as often as we did (when we were both students/classmates) anymore, but absence only makes the heart grow fonder!


Remember my previous chapter about the Super Sweet BFF Hello Kitty party that we decided to go together?


I headed to her place last Saturday morning and picked her up for our full day out!


We were excited and gushed about what the day had in store for us.

Our plan for the day was to have a catch-up lunch together before pampering ourselves with a girly afternoon of manicures, make-up makeovers, hair styling, taking lots of photos together, airbrush tattoos, catching a movie and so much more.


My Hello Kitty look of the day (for a competition)


I don't usually portray the "act cute" or put on the whole "oh-look-at-me-I'm-so-Japanese-I-must-be-kawaii" look, but this afternoon was an image I went for to match the Hello Kitty theme of the event.

You know I never fail to go in accordance to ANY themeparty, right? :D This was no exception.


Arriving on the red carpet at GSC Pavilion KL

I signed my name on the guestlist, we got ourselves wrist-tagged and were ready to start our day!


But before that, I was given a baby pink Hello Kitty press kit.

Inside, it was packed with so many goodies that the girliest of all girls could only love!


A Hello Kitty facial mask, glittery faux gems, custom-made Hello Kitty raspberry-flavoured candy,

bling decor-stickers & a Hello Kitty notebook all in a matching Hello Kitty baby pink goody bag.


Despite being already inside the event vicinity, we could not stop enthusing over the first thing that greeted us at the entrance. It was life-sized and probably the LARGEST decoration set-up of the party.

See it for yourself!


It was an enormous Hello Kitty arch made of baby pink helium balloons!!


Apart from that, we were totally blown away by the rest of the carefully-thought out decorations and interior

It really set us in the perfect mood for an all-girls day out!


One section of the venue was set in a Hello Kitty tea-party theme.


There was a delightful display of assorted pastries, candies, Hello Kitty cupcakes, strawberries and other desserts all in pink! How adorable

Even the drinks were pink. Check it out!


Sipping on a milky rosewater syrup drink,

popularly known as the 'Sirap Bandung' to the locals


We continued exploring the area and took even more photos as the time passed.

Just a little heads up, I'm going to regurgitate almost all the photos that of Joyce and I took of ourselves in this blog post. We will not be responsible if you get sick of our faces after your finish reading this :P:P


At the official photo wall of the Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Super Sweet BFF party!

After some thinking, we then decided on what to treat ourselves with first.

As the manicure booth had a lesser queue at the time, the first thing we did was to get our nails done! :D


At the manicure booth


As I liked all the colours, the manicurist decided to give me a mix of all!


Done! She even stuck diamante blings and tiny Hello Kitty stickers on some of my nails


Next up, we headed to where all the dressing tables with huge & brightly-lit mirrors were!

Can anyone say, hello superstar?


Reminds me of an actual make-over studio! You know, the kind you see in movies?


We couldn't resist taking a selfie with it


I had my make-up touched up and got the make-up artist to draw pink whiskers on my cheeks…


… while bestieJoyce got her hair done in a pretty, fancy do!


Here I am waiting for my turn!


I waited for almost half an hour only to realize that I probably wasn't going to get my hair done anytime soon

The crowd was massive, particularly in the hair and make-up booths! Everyone was queuing up to get themselves snazzy new hairdos


Look how busy all the stylists were with the throng of enthusiastic girls!!


In the end, I didn't manage to get my hair done.:/  But no matter! BestieJoyce did :)

Look at her really cool Roman princess-like hair braids! I absolutely loved it


It was sectioned & braided into several parts, tied down, twisted into buns, bobby pinned into place

and all jazz that can only professional hair stylists could comprehend!


Having so many tattoos (real ones, mind you!) you would think that I am disinterested in airbrush tattoos

But you're wrong! I was really keen and even queued up for it. :D:D


Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get my Hello Kitty airbrush tattoo done as well!
I shall tell you why, in a bit. But first, photos with my friends


Jojo & I


Kate & I (thanks for the photo, babe!)


Yeeing & I (thanks for the photo too, babe!)


bestieJoyce and I


Audrey, Cheesie & I


So many of my other girl friends were there; it was near impossible to take a photo with ALL of them.

Anyway, bestieJoyce and I continued with our day's activities…


Live Facebook updates of the Hello Kitty event!


The huge screen was in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kittylimited edition smartphone!

How smart of Samsung to decorate it as such, instead of just a boring black screen, ey?


And guess who was on their Facebook live updates? *wink*

Thanks for the photo, Samsung!!


Hello Kitty usherettes showcasing the said limited edition Hello Kitty smartphone


I got to take a look & play around with the Samsung Galaxy Y. I liked it a lot!


An even closer look. Look at the cute interface, the icons and the wallpaper!!


I think this smartphone is a really cool entry-level phone for female, girlish youngsters who likes being online, virtually & socially connected and of course, one who loves pink and Hello Kitty!

Oh yes, which reminds me! If you purchase one, you will stand a chance to win a trip to the much talked about Hello Kitty Sanrio town! Details: here


Not too long after, our emcee of the afternoon,

Jojo Struys, had begun announcing the nominees of the 'Best Dressed' competition.


Guess what? I got nominated :D

Thanks Audrey!


Here I am with some of the fellow nominees for the Hello Kitty 'Best Dressed' competition!


Remember when I said I didn't get to do my airbrush tattoo?

Here's the story : I was queuing up for it for a long time until it was almost my turn! But suddenly, my name was called out to go onstage as a finalist for the said competition just before I began my airbrush tattoo! Bye bye tattoo :/


But everything turned out better than expected, for I was one of the five winners of

the 'Best Dressed' competition and won myself that Galaxy Y Hello Kitty limited edition smartphone!


As this was a BFF party for best friends, Samsung also gave the prize to the winners' best friend!

So by association, bestieJoyce won a Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty limited edition smartphone too!

The first thing I said to her was, "Chehwaaaaahh. Very lucky to be my friend, hor?

LOL I'm kidding!



Thank you so much, dear judges and to Samsung!


Us being on film!


After all the hullabaloo was over, the final activity took to the stage.

The usherettes made sure the runway was completely clear of people, as a bevy of five beautiful Hello Kitty models sashayed into the venue and gave us a brilliant catwalk show, displaying all things girly & their Hello Kitty ensemble, of course!


Some of the models posing for countless cameras on the bright pink podiums


Want a closer look at ALL EIGHT of the Hello Kitty models?
Yup, I thought so. Here you go!



The beautiful, lanky and feminine Hello Kitty models of the day onstage!


BestieJoyce and I loved their whole Hello Kitty get-up! Such creative outfits, not to mention adorable too

Our favorite was the one on the right, with the long, flowy gown comprising a lacy, satin corset with frills and ruffles for a skirt that bounced everytime she took a step forward. It was elaborate yet very chic! :D


Another one of, what felt like, three million photos we took that afternoon :P:P


Our final selfie before we adjourned inside for the premier screening of 'The Rise of the Guardians'


Upon entering the cinema hall, we saw that we were supplied popcorn (in a Hello Kitty box) and a drink!

I must say, well done to the team behind today's event! Everything, from the start of the event right till the very end, was done in the minutest details to make us feel special and pampered


Yay! Hello Kitty popcorn for all of us ;)


Before the movie began, we had a little time to selfie again :P


'The Rise of the Guardians' was a brilliant animated movie!

I left the cinema filled with fond memories of my childhood, of fairy tales and believing in the magic of Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, the Boogeyman, the Easter Bunny and so much more.

The movie was not only hilarious at so many parts, it was laden with moral values and the spirit of friendship, love and adventure too. Oh, and not forgetting, lots and lots of snow :D


Here's to a wonderful start to December!


As we go on, we remember, all the times we, had together…

and as our lives change, from whatever, we will still be friends forever!


Yes, it's a song, if you didn't already realize

Thank you Samsung, for having us today. As if it wasn't obvious enough, you made us two very happy girls indeed!