I am not that ignorant not to know that Upper Penang Road was not only popular for its nightspots. However, I was rather reluctant to be dragged out of my comfort zone and into the little streets of Penang on a humid Sunday afternoon. 

The little enthusiasm I had eventually grew as the day progressed. Hurrah!

Penang rocks my grandmother’s socks.
No, seriously.

Penang’s Little Market held yestersunday (Yes, I insist on calling it Yestersunday – not last Sunday, because it was held only yesterday! And I too, insist on putting emphasis on the word Sunday because it was held on a Sunday after all)

Excuse my temporary insanity

As I was saying, Penang’s Little Market was a blast with such artsy stuff on sale

And a man who makes grasshoppers from coconut tree leaves

 Sorry. I didn’t manage to get his masterpieces up close!

Dad was pestering me to go back and I keep getting interrupted by his phone calls

Crafts aside, there were more “products” which will ignite the food-lovers. (exhibit A: yours truly)

I even bought one for myself.  Haha! Yum! Take a sneak peek:

 Yes, as per your request madame, a free advertisement here =)

Live music performances also kept the crowd in awe, which such young talents belting out latest chart topping hits to veterans strumming popular numbers from the Carpenters and others from that era.

I managed to capture a shot of an impressive sketch (in process) by caricature-and-portrait artist Rashid.  He was sketching the musician

over the artist’s shoulder, the art is in motion

Whee! Another photography enthusiast like me!


…Who captured my photo as I was capturing the artist sketching! Dang!


Bought meself some cute accessories. All intricately hand-made out of clay, oven-baked and painted on so nicely too! It’s really pretty! =) Here’s the one I wore on the spot:

I was taken by surprise when she wanted my picture. =) It was flattering nonetheless! Oh and, all the best to your lovely accessories babe!


Click here to see her other products – Floetic Productions


So yes. Thank you annoying freaks wonderful parents for dragging me to this little afternoon fiesta!

I wouldn’t ever have a picture with this peculiar-looking man if it weren’t for both of you!


That’s a wrap!