The ikan bakar girls are mad at it again! This time, we searched and sourced for a novel place for us to try out the ikan bakar.

We discovered and will recommend : Northam Beach Cafe

I refuse to upload the picture of our plate of ikan bakar, simply because (unfortunately) the picture DOES NOT do it justice at all!!!

However, I will be nice enough to reciprocrate it with another picture. *grins* 
The carrot soup became one of our faves too!

Going out frequently for suppers does have its perks. =) You get to know Penang’s food haven better! Which mamak has the best thosai, which stall has the best sugarcane juice…. etcetera

 Yes, all hail reptiles.
 In the Chinese Zodiac, I’m proud to be the slithering snake

We continued devouring our ikan bakar and omigosh….

Excuse me? Powerpuff girls trying to save the world??