One rainy afternoon on a Thursday, I made my way to Project UNDO.

LOL the tagline was something that goes along the lines of "too little time, too much to undo"

So kinkeh!



Anyway, its a series of Underground events which involves fashion and music. (Don't ask me why it's underground. It got me scratching my head in confusion too) And the dress code was 'UNDERGROUND'.

And! I had no idea in hell how to dress 'underground' so I resorted to wearing earthy, brown and ground colours. Thankfully, I found the one and only brown top I own. Looks like brown had never been my colour huh 😛


Yeah I was trying to look as brown and underground as possible.

Any browner and I'd turn into a mole or a pile of sand


Was there with my pals all the way from Penang and some of my gurls here! 😀



We all had lotsa fun and was treated to lotsa booze at the VIP terrace upstairs on the 2nd floor.

If i remember correctly, there was Johnnie Walker black label, Glenmorangie and beers throughout the night!


By the sofas & balcony


By the drinks bar


Finally, the show began. It took a good long 2 hours to start after its scheduled time.

The party was to begin at 7pm but it only began somewhere after 9pm. Grr! But issokay, good company and drinks kept us busy anyway


Cassandra Patrick was the MC while violinist Arthur Tan started the ball rolling for the night


Magic Show! See that girl lying on top of the sharp point? Insane.

Sorry fo overexposed shot but that's Rosen Roy the magician/illusionist in red


She could totally be a devotee for Thaipusam while she's at it, since needles and spears don't seem to hurt her.

Anyway, here's our view from the top terrace 🙂



Fashion show began and it showcased classic collections and some pretty unique pieces from local designers like Jimmy Lim, Joe Chia, Alexandrea Yeo, Allien Gan and MNEP 🙂

The gambit was instead of playing the same old "catwalk tracks" while the models are strutting down the runway, Project Underground saw local pop/punk/rock bands playing live for all of us.


Local punk rock outfit, An Honest Mistake!


And that's my friend Leonard playing right in front.

Can't believe he spontaneously followed suit and "catwalked" with the models as well LOLOL 😛


More and more performers took the stage and they were local DJs DJ Nas T and DJ Tareeq, Scottish DJ Dayshavoo, local rock band Underheadlights and 19 year old beatboxer Koujee.

Camwhoring and partying continues!


A tad off-focused but memorable all the same

Double iconic brass ring by Soak Republic



We left somewhere past midnight.

It was a working day tomorrow yo! Can't stay up too late.


And just before I left, bumped into Andy at the doorway, and he took a shot of us.

One for the road babeh!


That was how my Thursday working weeknight was spent…. at Project UNDO!