Friends….. what constitutes a friendship? Hate em or love em, you’ve still gotta have F.R.I.EN.D.S

To those who were by me during my recent emotional ordeal, stress and pain, thank you all so so much.. from the bottom of my now-mended heart.

What I can say to my friends and the people whom I hold in high value, MUCH LOVE TO YA’LL!

*——–♥ ♥♥ ♥ ——-*

Speaking of friends, One of my best friends had been mistreated by her group of friends. She was hurting all this while but never told me.. until yesterday. It was highly repulsive once I knew what they have been doing, have done and are still doing to her. For all these years and you’ve never given a care in the world?

Look deeper you insignificant fools!

Don’t you recognize the damage done to her feelings? Oh, you’ve all probably never bothered about how she ever felt all these years huh? With such unkind words and nasty pranks you guys pull on her. I know you find it very amusing to laugh at her expense and to her face. Mind you, my best friend is not a laughing stock for you to guffaw at.
oh. I forgot. It’s your only source of entertainment?

Wait till you see something more entertaining when I pig-tail your hair in bright pink Powerpuff Girls ribbons, put a hairband with shocking green Shrek ears on yall, stuff your sweet and sour ass into nothing but a Spongebob Squarepants underwear and then wedgie you head-over- heels 5minutes later, drag you in a green and orange polka-dotted wheelbarrow and yell “PIGLETS FOR ADOPTION!!!!” down the streets of Penang’s Goh Tiao Lor.

I reiterate my point.. you don’t deserve a friend like her. Back off. Don’t make her life a nightmare; for I’ll make your life a living hell.

In your face, you insensitive unripened sack of misshapen potatoes.