5….4…3…2…1!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Started a new year with my babes and I exchanging warm hugs, glass clinking and not to mention sprays of colourful stuff which stoinks really bad. Haha. Oh well, stench or no stench, I guess it’s the spirit that matters most.

The new year countdown was fabulous with all sorts of people ushering 2oo8 altogether. It sure was a joyous occasion. Oh, and I must express my utter sceptism on the parental guidance of the children I saw on that very night-midnight-past midnight in that specific location. Though I ain’t particularly pin-pointing any self-proclaimed devoted mothers and fathers, how can the parents of toddlers allow such exposure of the nightparty scene at such unearthly hours to their kids? These children are below the age of ten!

Is this a very positive example to nurture them with?

It is very distasteful. I mean, if it’s just to usher the new year of 2oo8 at the countdown, it wouldn’t be an issue. But given the fact that it was at 2-3am in the dead of the night, having obnoxious people puking in the middle of the streets, in the immediate event of Heineken bottoms-up competitions, small fights involving mostly big burly men and so much more. Do you actually want to taint your child’s mind at such a tender age of below 10years?

Involving them in the party scene?
Witnessing repulsive behaviour unlikely for a mere child to comprehend?

Wake up, mommas and daddas..
the club joints and its vicinity are not and will never be a family outlet! Want your kids to join? Head on to Esplanade for the countdown concerts and fireworks (like my friend : Rina Ong and her blessed family), the beaches for many self-organized get-together parties or even Gurney Drive for its massive countdown activities. Alright? It’s no wonder I see more and more Malaysian Paris Hiltons and Lindsay Lohans committing various acts of misdemeanour at night scenes at an age which seems grow younger and younger every year.

Alright, it’s a one way ticket to Sunway Lagoon for the families with children! Indulge their young minds in something more healthy and wholesome… I implore you. good heavens.

On a lighter note, we had our lions share of fun and laughter. Spotted lots of familiar faces there and omg one ofmy fav pals Christine too! Glad to bump into you babe! *hugs* To my babe Meen, I’m glad you were sober this time around! =P Rachel, as always… a great party partner. To Zoe, remember our ‘nightmare’? muahahhahaha.. Jack, well.. I hope you drove home safely you irresponsible drunk-driver! lol.. Shen and Jo Ann, Renn, Jia, Susan, you guys rock! And to others (you know who you are), we had a terrific time with all of you!

to all my pals out there, have a rockin 2oo8 ahead!!