Orientation for the new January o8 intake was heaps of fun, not to forget the jokes cracked-up as well. Uhhm.. Kancil? Nice going Kumar

Two seniors from each intake had to participate as well. Nads called me up when my mouth was full of Sushi the night before. Hehe. No probs gurl. So yeah, we joined em. The juniors were pretty… say.. unmass-commish? Well, except one. Oh but then again it’s just the first week! We probably have not seen their fun-loving side yet. All I can say to the new batch is, we won’t bite! So let loose! Be as expressive as you want, cos’ that’s when all the creative juices will flow

Games were fun no doubt and it was sensational to hear the dirty lil secrets of anyone who took lots of toilet paper from the toilet roll. The more toilet paper you happen to pull out of the toilet roll, the more personal stuff you have to say about yourself. Guess what? Someone rolled out 32pieces!! Omigosh. And another rolled out 1piece! LOL you lucky freak.
We also had this game whcih reminds me a lot of team-building.

Our ‘eeyore’s shack’
We were given a few minutes and had to build a structure from straws and tape that has stability and creativity. Oh well, our group tied with the adjacent group so we both won! To me, they had more creativity and we had more stability. So yeah, fair and square!

My team : two fresh green juniors and two senior-itas!

Gratz to us!