It’s sharing time again!


I’m pretty sure more than 3 quarter of you darlings out there drink a hot mug of coffee to perk up your mornings or at any time of the day at all.
Either that, or down a glass of ice cold coffee during a hot, humid and sleepy day.

Heck! I know I do!



Back when I was working, my colleagues and I would always be the ones hogging the coffee machine




But now, when I’m falling asleep during class – especially on Tuesdays where I’d have 6 hours of boring back-to-back lectures I would just sneak out to the cafeteria to douse myself with caffeine!



I need some wakey wakey!!


But one unfortunate day when I'm dead sleepy, horror of horrors fell upon me when I saw this :



 I begged and begged but that lazy barista insisted she had switched off and cleaned up the coffee bean grinder 

What a bummer!



So ever since that day, I knew I had to have an alternative.
A short trip to the grocery store made me find my answer!



Who needs baristas really?


I like these little SUPER Coffeemix lovelies because they come in really convenient and small coffee sachets that I can just slip in my handbag. They’re made from Robusta coffee beans by the way, slow-roasted to give us that oomph perfection in our mugs!

Here, lemme introduce you to them


Meet your friends who will cure your lack of sleep. There’s the



Regular one,


the Reduced Sugar one


and the Rich one!


My fave (just like many others) would be the popular favorite Super Regular 3in1 coffee

because it’s not too sweet yet not too bland – a perfect ratio of coffee, creamer and sugar!




My aunts and uncles take the Reduced Sugar ones as they’re slightly diabetic. 25% less in sugar content yo!

I stole a sip from their mugs last week and it’s still yummy all the same



The green one you see is the Rich one! It’s obviously the most flavorful one,

bursting with aroma and the strongest one. If you need extra kick, this is for youuuuu




For something so good, it's great that it only costs RM8.50 for the whole big packet containing 30.  Super worth for a much needed coffee fix!



Seriously.  With these lil babies in my bag all the time,

who needs a baristas, office secretaries or mamak ‘annehs’ to make you your cuppa coffee? Up yours, Mr. Mamak!



Anyway, now that you’ve befriended the coffees and gotten to know them a lil more, it’s contest time!


There’s this contest for everyone to try, worth a shot!

Prizes are the Apple Macbook, Canon EOS 550 DSLR camera!  *winks* and….



Fans of Singaporean singer JJ Lin, you can stand a chance to win an exclusive gathering session with him

at the JJ 100days Live Super Tour In KL  *click* and a Limited edition DVD personally autographed!



Yeah you could’ve guessed by now. JJ Lin is the new Brand Ambassador for SUPER Coffee 3 in 1.



All you gotta do to get your hands on those money-can’t-buy tickets to this exclusive Music Tour:


  1.  Purchase any 1 pack of those 3 in 1 coffee above in any participating retail stores
  2. Cut out the barcode and attach on to the contest forms (ask me for the contest forms!) OR attach the barcode onto a white piece of paper with your name, IC & contact number.
  3. Send to PO box No. 5 POS Malaysia, Masai 81757, Masai, Johor


Coffee, tea or me? HAHAHAHA kidding!



So remember! The most number of entries wins! Quick!  It's that simple.

Don't you see Macbooks and DSLR cameras dangling in fronta you already? 😀 Go join go join go join!




it's worth a lookie!