You know they say if you really wish hard enough, you'd get what you wish for?

Well… ever since I heard about on the SAMSUNG Galaxy Note II, I've always wanted to give it a thorough use to fully understand the functions and interactivity. 


My first time holding the all-new SAMSUNG Galaxy Note II!


A while back, I was invited to the launch of the SAMSUNG Galaxy Note II the moment it arrived in Malaysia.

It had a huge clear screen yet such a slim body & so high-tech but user-friendly at the same time!


I was enchanted by it! 



And yes, I finally had the pleasure of taking the time to play with one myself :D

Guess what I enjoyed the most about the SAMSUNG Galaxy Note II? It's the… S PEN!


The S Pen is undoubtedly, one of its most unique selling points


This Note II is arguably the first amongst the pool of smartphones in the market to have a stylus 

Featuring the S Pen, SAMSUNG is running a contest to unleash everyone's creativity!


Wanna hear more? :D


If you're the kind of person who thinks the pen is mightier than the sword, pick up your S Pen and start drawing/colouring/designing on the official SAMSUNG Be Creative page :D

This is what you have to do :



If you don't have the SAMSUNG Galaxy Note II, fret not. You'll still get to play with it anyway!

Head to and use your mouse to draw with the virtual S Pen instead :D


I decided to help Adam C complete his drawing of a football jersey. Adam C, I CHOOSE YOUUUUUUU! 



Watching this funny video by Adam C made me want to draw for him even more LOL


It wasn't easy! Required a certain amount of skill & precision as I was using a mouse instead of the S Pen

But after almost an hour, here's what I came up with for his jersey design.


BEFORE (empty jersey)


AFTER!! (My design)


What do you think!?!?! :D:D:D Not bad, right? Haha. Oi it's not easy, okay! :P

There were different colours, gradients, ink thickness & pen types in the S Pen to work with.

I had fun exploring! My design was so random, I know  Would you wear it?


Adam C said he would  Haha he'd better! I spent almost an hour of my time doing this 


Here's what you'll get if you win! 


Don't worry if your drawing ain't as good as Ernest Zacharevic's. Art is, after all, a very subjective thing ;)


Try it for yourself, it's fun! Well, I had lots of fun at least :P

I haven't actually drawn something in ages, so this proved to be quite a challenge!


In both my hands are the SAMSUNG Galaxy Note II & the real S Pen


I've done it. Now, it's your turn! Put your creative flair to good use with the virtual S Pen

Who knows? You might just win :D *click*