Hi peeps! Today I'll be sharing a cute lil girly contest with y'all.

Remember my previous blog post about the princess afternoon I spent with NIVEA?


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I've just been told that they are running a very interesting contest on their Facebook page!


The mechanics are pretty simple. Listen up

All you gotta do is pick the template that you like best, insert your pretty face into it, decorate it with cute stuff and… ta-daaa! You'll get your custom-made Facebook cover photo.


Here's my design!


So far so good? I'm almost done making my little meadow pretty!


I had good fun personalizing it :D

Hand-picked the little ingredients such as Argan Oil (coconut-looking thing), Aloe Vera leaves, white Chamomile flowers (that look like tiny daisies!), yellow Jojoba flowers and water droplets to decorate my Facebook cover photo! ;)


After you're done with that, just follow the instructions & next step is to create a matching Facebook profile pic badge to complement the new Facebook cover photo which you just made!


Now, get your friends and family to vote for you! :D

The Facebook cover photos with the most votes will be shortlisted as winners, but the final winners will be selected by the judges.


This is how the voting gallery looks like!


The prizes include a grand prize of up to RM6000 cash prize & loads of Nivea Pure & Natural products!

The number of bi-weekly and grand prizes being given out as well as the value of those prizes increase according to the number of fans on their Facebook page!

Take a look:


Help them reach a higher number of fans to unlock better & higher chances of winning!


So go have fun and join this simple contest now at their Facebook page – here!

Contest runs from 3rd January 2013 to 28th Febuary 2013.