So just the other day I received a pretty pink invitation to attend a Bloggers’ Tea Party courtesy of SaSa.

I’ve always thought of SaSa as the motherload of awesome make up, facial products, perfume, hair stuff and anything that makes a girl look her best! It houses all kinds of big (and small) brands too… oh and a few of my eyeliners are from there 🙂


The dress code was, well, put very aptly, ‘A Dash of Pink’



The moment I entered Delicious in Marc Residence KL, I look an immediate liking for the place. It looked pretty posh yet cosy at the same time – with a dash of pink decorations all over! 😀 Sweeet.

We were served a glass of pink mocktail drink as well, my guess is that there was either pink guava, watermelon or lychee inside hehe 😉


Wanting to look the part, I obviously came decked in pink too

Accessories by Soak Republic




After a short while, we mingled around and checked out the awesome new stuff they had on display.
New products methinks 😀


I absolutely love their packaging! So eye catching!



More stuff! 😀




One of their sub-brands Cyber colors, recently launched a really cool product



So after all that fiddling and testing out how it looks like on our skin and the effects it gave, it’s time for the event to officially begin!



Maggie speaking on behalf of SaSa Malaysia




Once that insightful sharing session was over, it was Teeeeeea Taimmmmme!! 😀 😀

This is no Mad Hatter’s tea session but it’s yummy all the same


A three-tiered snackplate of nomnoms perfect for all sweet tooths!


Here are some of the pretty bites I’ve taken to my table :)

The Aglio Olio spaghetti, the Tiramisu, the tangy prawn, cupcakes and tiny puffs!

Would you care to share? 😀



We were busy chit chatting and stuffing our mouths. Oh and I must say, this is my favorite of them all –


the Tiramisu! Mira and I loved it 🙂

We had 2-3 each if I’m not wrong!


Everyone enjoyed themselves at the tea table too 🙂

Look at the delicious tidbits on the table amidst the pink peeps 😀 😀




It was so yummy that we couldn’t help but to have some more 🙂




Once tea time was over, a make up demonstration was in motion!

2 well known make-up artists did their thang using the a range of shimmery and vibrant colours



Lots of us went to watch how it’s done!

Hey, we could learn a trick or two ey? 😀




ta-daaaaa! 😀



Many pink peeps were hustling and bustling around Delicious taking pictures and chatting with familiar faces as well 🙂


Random pink picture I took 😉



Soon, I went back to sit down for a lil while at the tea table with the SaSa representatives


Victoria and I





After signing the guestboard, it was time to go home.

Dagggnammit! I searched through my entire hard drive and I couldn’t seem to locate the photo! 🙁 oh bummer.

But anyways, here’s a piccie of Erin and I 😀 😀

All of us had fun! 😀 Thankew SaSa for a lovely afternoon

Now, to open their goodie bag (It weighs a ton btw!)