So there was all the buzz for a week on the Free Beer event that was said to happen on 12 August at 6pm.

It got everyone talking about it, yours truly included!


The question is, IS IT FOR REAL?

Simon grinning coyly in the background lol


Well, there were lotsa doubts as to why there was gonna be a Free Beer giving session at Asia Cafe anyway.

Is there a catch? What's the clause? Any fine print? No way!


See it to believe it! 😀

Here's the freeTigerbeer twin tower my friends and i made!


So yes, all the doubts were cleared the moment it struck 6pm. It was really NO JOKE! A group of friends and I have been around since 5 something and I must say, the session went superbly well and smooth for one whole hour plus.

There were no shoving, no fights and no snatching, but plenty of daylight robbery of beers! There were just so much to go around, close to 8000 cans of Tiger!


Wen, Suresh, Samuel and I were the first few in line

behind us were a whole beeline of people zomg







Let's bust some booze in the house!

All of us had 4 cans of Tiger each for the first round!




Back at the table with Adele

the rest was going again and again for round 2 and round 3!


Tim arrived when most of us got back with our free beer already!

The line was already waaaayyy too long and backed up till the very end of Asia Cafe



And when I say there were lots of people, THERE WERE LOTS OF PEOPLE.

I mean it! I saw peeps from all races, all ages (there was one in school uniform that Tim and I saw LOL) and I bumped into so many random and even old friends! 😀 😀


Including my cousins Meng and Shaun! LOL

From the distance, I heard "eh is that Jess? JESSSSS!!!!"

😀 😀


And as usual at every Tiger beer party, Sean the big guy from Tiger will always be there 🙂

Glad to be here at yet another Tigerrrific event!

Sean and I


So what's the purpose you ask, about #freebeer?

Well, Tiger has been around for reaallllyyy looooooong time since 1932.. and just to keep up with the modern times, they decided to repackage themselves into a more contemporary platinum design that would appeal to a wider crowd!

Now, today was a really generous launch. So smart! Making all their consumers happyyyy 😀 😀 😀


I certainly found it really appealing too! No more old man design 😛 😛 😛

Same great beer, with an awesome facelift now


For the first time ever, my refrigerator is *very* well stocked with ice-cold beer! 😀 *hic*