If my entire life revolved around my studies, I would deem this as the happiest day of my life. Well, almost, because I still have the mock trials to discuss on. And that’s another heavy duty shyt.

Why did today (almost) became the happiest day of my life?
I finished the Desperate Housewives final project with my dear partner Daniel Chan.
29 pages altogether, and spending 4 – 11 hours at each other’s place was not entirely pleasant. =P

We kept nodding off and sometimes had some itsy-bitsy misunderstandings. But hey, it’s all part of the gamble ey Dan? *hugs*

I can officially say that I will never ever do anything that has relations to Desperate Housewives nor these 5 women and their socially retarded spouses again. Not for quite some time, that is.

Imagine facing them and their idiosyncrasies for 19hours. *gasp*

Danny, thanks for enduring this stressed-up ordeal with me. I know I might be hostile at times, but that is all driven by pressure. Just like the one – here

Oh well, this is the2nd time we’ve ever worked together for assignments and I’m proud to say that we’ve done a great job!

To partnership and beyond!