i don’t know whether to be so furious and slaughter him alive or should I be so stoked and hug him tight.

Sleeping at an unearthly hour last night after finishing my Desperate Housewives assignment, made me real brain dead. And well, Dubby rang the doorbell at 8a.m without prior notice to come and drop by.

“Surprise!”, he said.



I was 100% pissed for about 3seconds, but my frown was soon upturned. It was indeed a pleasant surprise =) thanks love.

I know I’ve been missing in action for quite some time. All driven by stress though, piles and piles of shytload to do. So here,

yet another one of the deviant conformists *biggrin*
Hmm.. where should I start?

The Bee Movie II

‘Nuff said.

Well, I do have a couple of previous posts which explains it – here

Will they EVER learn……………. perhaps not, Just like how we will never learn to dress like them. (ps – Franz, I know you share my pain) =P

Oh and randomly, saw this a couple o’ days back

Pretty cool, no? I could just never tell the authenticity

Among one of the food which I love (and a whole lot of my friends too) are pancakes. But what if some people can’t afford Paddington’s all the time? Here’s an alternative: AKI PANCAKE

Tastes really good, with a whole lot of selections and fillings to choose from too!

It used to be just him and his wife, but after business seriously grew more and more hectic, he hired 3 foreign workers from Myanmar to be his waiter and to assist in pancake productions.

And the couple has a whole lot of tattoos emblazoned all over their body

Their humble lil place is located in Super Tanker coffee shop, Lip Sin Garden.
Enjoy! It’s really good