I had a fun-filled day today, having my friends chilling over at my crib and hanging out soon after. And yes, I felt the tremor from Sumatera in Penang. Everyone was told to evacuate the mall.

The second I returned home, it was straight to my Desperate Housewives assignment with Daniel that is worth 20% of our Finals. Yes. I was so messed up and dreadfully exhausted that when I was typing and doing my research, I felt a sharp blow on my forehead. WTF. It was a head-on collision between my forehead and the edge of the laptop. What? How is it possible that I just dropped dead asleep right smack in the middle of doing my work? I didn’t even nod off. My head took complete control and whammed my keyboard… with a force that hurts!

Until this very second. I’m still at it. The mock trial thingy I was supposed to do for Mass Media Law tomorrow had screwed up because of incompatible formats, and I had to re-do the whole thing in RTF (Rich Text Format) in WordPad to be sent out to my team mates.

It’s been hectic, go so distracted and ending up with NO TIME AT ALL to relax. Shut up, but I haven’t eaten nor taken my shower. Not forgetting the fact that I was awake for hiking this morning at 7a.m but only slept at 4.30am the night before. And until now, I’ve been awake ever since.

My fuel for energy is running out. Mood swing’s been pretty bad and I’m really beat.
Been in front of the laptop for a very long time now, and I reckon it’s rayshave been putting strain on me as well. My eyes resemble that of a zombie’s.

I feel the dire need to hit the sacks but can’t, just yet. I need to replace all my lack of sleep. And it’s already 1plus a.m in the morning.

BAH. Just swallow me whole.
It’s a pressure I have to work with.