Okay okay!

I reckon I have blogged enough about my maniacal never-ending nightlife for the time being already LOL 😛

So here's something a little different for the day. Something fresh, "healthy" and sunny – completely not dripping with booze of any sort!


I went kite-flying in the humid – yet windy – afternoon sun!



By the lake with ze huuuge kite! Pretty & colorful. Loves!


Having returned from another night of mayhem at Zouk the night before, I was surprised I didn't wake up with an after-party hangover.

Thankfully I managed to get outta bed, freshen up & got out the door in record time! Didn't wanna be late for Nuffnang's Glitterati+ meeting in the morning and subsequently, this Churp Churp 'Fly Kite' outing.



I see my Twitter profile pic on the Churp Churp bunting! 😀 😀 Do you?

If you don't have me on Twitter yet, it's @imthejessicat hehe



So yes, the Glitterati+ meeting was good. The word is finally out and open to the rest of the Nuffnangers. I've been one of the pioneer members of Glitterati+ for quite some time now and it has been a fun ride indeed. Hence, I do urge all active Nuffnang bloggers to join as well! 🙂

Right after the open meeting, we had a short campus tour around Taylors University Lakeside Campus. No wonder they're so proud of their Uni! It's omfg-outrageously-fabulously-impressive.



Makes you go, whaaaadd have I been missing in my tertiary education years?

Why was I born so early? This campus is magnificent! *jawdrops*


Here we are by the lakeside at Taylors Uni. See those buildings on the left? One of it is their library.


And on the opposite side, there's the "commercial" area of the campus. Here I am standing by the walkway. Can you believe that beside me lies a Starbucks, Subway, Old Town, Wong Kok Kitchen & Face2Face Noodle house, among the many others?


(pic credits to Simon)

Looks like im standing on a pier right? 😀 With the whites, the balcony & the water in the background 

Waiting for my ship to arrive LOL!!



Lady luck was on our side today as the weather was just perfect for a kite flying activity!

I was a little paranoid though, fearing that it would rain or end up being all dark and stormy ;(


BUT I WAS WRONG! Look at how merciful the weather man was to us?



Pretty kites Green Octopus, Smiley Bat and Rainbow soaring up, up and above! 😀



And what's that dangerous creature below I see still alive in Year 2010???

Dood, you're like supposed to be waaaaaaayy extinct with the other bros and hoes of your kind 😛 😛



Wrong era, dragon! This is 2010!

Not 800 b.c or some ancient milestone where you giant lizards belong



It was plain to see that almost everyone was having fun playing outdoors – instead of  ramming their fingers on the keyboard – for once!

Kite flying. Such a classic! Prior to this, the last time I ever held a kite was with my late grandpa when I was 6?


I would scan my 6 year old self flying a kite for you if I could but I don't have it with me as we speak 🙁 bummer.


 (pic credits to Mohd. Zaid)

But here's the me flying a kite 15 years later! All grown up 😀




Hey! Kite flying is not easy okay!! You think DOTA only need strategy ah!? 😛

Skills are needed to recognize the direction of the wind, how much force used to pull the nylon string and so much other kite-technicalities I don't wanna even go there LOL.

I took forever to beam with pride upon seeing my rainbow kite soaring higher than the buildings! 😀 😀


hahahah yes Tim, I know it was hard to get it up & to make it stay up 😛 😛 ahem.

For girls hard also! *giggles* XD




I do admit though, I had problems with my kite! ;( I can haz emo kite. It kept tangling up all over my hair, my wrist, my body & even my shoes! Maybe my kite was the black sheep of the kite family, who prefers to be dragged on the ground instead of flying high in the sky.



sucks to be you kthxbai.



But nothing stopped my attempts! In fact, I ran like sorhai (madp*ssy) all over the place while yanking the nylon string of the kite trying my utmost best to let it stay up in the air!

LOL Simon was also running like sorhai trying to get his Smiley Bat kite flying in the air


While I was struggling after numerous attempts (my kite never stayed up above for more than 30 seconds!) I decided to pop into Starbucks for an ice-cold Java Chip. Perfect for a sunny day! Was drenched in sweat you would never believe me! 🙁



"Ima happy kite!  Smiley kite! Nothing can ruin my d…a..yy.. uh oh. wait.

I'M CRASHINGGG INTO TAYLOR'S LIBRARY! I shall put Osama bin Laden & his Al-Qaeda clan to shame!"


Haha. What can I say? I had an amazing Saturday afternoon despite only having 3 hours of sleep.

As expected, I headed home to zonk out for a couple of hours before heading out and about again 😀


(pic credits to Simon)


Much love