Can never stop living and breathing parties! 😀


Remember the 7aste Monte Carlo theme party I blogged about previously?

Well, what can I say? The event was really classy, very 'atas' if I do say so myself.


The first thing that greeted me upon entering Ecoba's premises!

Shiny sleek cars are love


Cool maximus numberplate!


I didn't know what to wear being it all Monte Carlo and stuff. Clearly, I can't be wearing like the usual short tube dresses and whatnot. So I dug up my non-Monte Carlo wardrobe and well, managed to find something black, longer and more elegant (I hope!).

Initially I was thinking of wearing the shiny long dress I wore for my college prom but didn't wanna end up overdressed! I doubt I'd be seeing suave looking gentlemen in coats and bow-ties anyway. Although that would be a sight to see! 😀


have always thought shawls make ladies look somewhat classier LOL

Me against the backdrop of 7aste!



Okay time to go in! 😀 Let's get the night started alreadyyyyy



Entrance looks pretty grand too!

Spotlights, camera, action 😀



Ooooh and one of the best parts of an event is always the polaroid or instant photographs. 🙂 I love those! You can hold a really grand scaled event, all hi-fi and whatnot but without these, the event would be less… meaningful. I mean, c'mon!


Brought my good friend, Kelly, along with me to the party

I have a polaroid version of this, blu-tacked onto my wardrobe doors. Thanks 7aste!


Everyone would love something to bring home for memories, whats better than a hardcopy which we all can put on our desks, dressing tables or magnet-ed on even our fridges! In fact, I've a collection of almost 30 polaroids from various events, pasted up on my memory wall!

So from now on, any event which I go devoid of polaroids, I shall deem incomplete and kiamsiap!! 😛 😛




the Penang trio Jerine, Calvin & me sippin' our wine. Thanks fo the pic gurl


White wine courtesy of 7aste! 😀

With them boys Serge & Mike 


And the finger food! 🙂 There were chicken, pies and lots more – all bite sized!





Gobble gobble gobble


Apart from wine, there was free flow of Carlsberg beer for us VIPs too. Yay! 😀



We can haz ice-cold beer all night looooooooongggg!



I love how events bring people together 🙂 There's always so much merriment in a party!


 With my pals Kelly and Andy!



Bumped into my fellow Penangmates Wen Hoong, Wei Ling & Jie Hu. We went to a scouts & guides Combined Training Camp (CTC) together back in 2004! Pleasant surprise meeting you guys again 🙂






Candid shot of me downing the ice-cold Carlsberg
 thanks Lionel haha!


Other than great drinks, food, company, they pumped it up a notch by putting up Casino-like booths all around. There they were, counters of simulated "gambling" games such as Wheel of Fortune, Baccarat and so on.

The "dealers" were also very professionally dressed and groomed neatly. Just like the ones in the real casinos!


Here we are gaming in a round of Punto Banco, aka Player Banker

I miss Genting's Monte Carlo casino already! 🙁


Unlike the real casinos where you actually lose real  money if you lose a round, the one at 7aste was a good gamble. If you lose, you just… well.. be the loser for that round. LOL but if you win, you actually bring home a prize! 😀 😀

Had lotsa fun playing, to which I won a 2GB Pendrive & a 7 shaped ashtray! Hurraaahhh!




The performances too, were adapted from the real Monte Carlo style




Melikey the whole concept of this event! 😀 Very different, very classy, very… Nevada Las Vegas-ish too.


I had really good fun *hic* and perhaps one too many *hic* before leaving for my good friend, Chee Seng's houseparty to *hic* celebrate his 22nd birthday 😀


More piccies of buddies and I having fun throughout the night!



Sippin on more white wine with the buddy! 



With pimp daddy Leonard. LOL Thanks for the pic Kate! 🙂



Haha this photo has 2 watermarks because I ain't putting a heart, Sakura flower or pixelating THERE.

Thanks Simon , for the piccie! 🙂



Gurls just wanna have fun! 😀


And to end the night, I present you a very gangster-lovin player-attitude photo! 😀



Also another random photo taken by Serge hehe! 😀


Great night! :D Two thumbs up