Despite rocking up at countless parties, attending events after events in the city, there's always a part of me that's gleefully hoping one of them would be an epic, massive beach party.


Previously, as it has always been, I've been making my way down south to our neighbour across the causeway for their annual beach party at the end of every year.

Yes, that's the one – ZoukOut at Siloso Beach in Sentosa Island, Singapore.


But last Saturday night proved that we Malaysians won't need to leave

the country anymore to partyrock on a beach 


When I received the really creative event invitation by Carlsberg to party with them at their annual 'Where's The Party?' event, I knew for a fact that it was going to be held by the sea – on the beachside!

The invitation was in the form of a 'message in a bottle'. So creative!


Leading up to the party, I received a guide on what to bring.

Yup! That confirmed my speculations of a beach party! 


I woke up as early as 6 o' clock to pack for the weekend trip as we had to gather at the Carlsberg Brewery in Shah Alam at 8.30am, where several designated coaches would be chartering us to the mystery partyzone.


Breakfast was served at the brewery – Nasi Lemak & Teh Tarik!

Yum. Your typical Malaysian breakfast, I know :)


We adjourned a little after 9 o' clock!


The bus ride was a lengthy one but we guests were well entertained by our bus emcee, Carl.

He made us laugh with his humour, snide jokes and sarcasm! :D


I was in my own world curled up with a good novel & my favorite playlist

while theboyf played Angry Birds throughout the ride


The secret destination felt like a faraway distance and the journey, a never-ending one.

We were on the road for 5 hours now. The surroundings were beginning to be a wee bit familiar to me. 


We were given a bento box for lunch on the go!

A delicious hotdog, sausages, fruits, smoked salmon, veggies, potatoes and… CHOCOLATE 


At one point, I could see the Penang Bridge in the distance. That's it! 

This year's Carlsberg 'Where's The Party' is going to be held in Penang Island… but the question is, where exactly?


We alighted at Queensbay seaside to sign our names on the guestlist


Initially, I thought we were going to be partying at this beach but there was no stage set-up in sight.

"Scratch that, it can't be here then!", I said to myself with much perplexity.


Before I knew it, we were on the move again.


Being a Penangite, I thought I knew where we were going and smugly told theboyf that the party would most probably be held in Batu Fehringgi's long stretch of beaches.

But as soon as the coach took a different route, my totally lost my bearings. We were taken on a long, winding ride on a new highway on a hilly area I've never driven on before.


Escorted by the police force and road marshalls en route to the secret partyzone. Coolbeans! 


Looking out the window, all I could see was cliffs, narrow bridges, the Indian Ocean, plunging ravines, the sun setting in the horizon, lush greenery, mountainous terrains, jungles, waterfalls, rural villages… you get the picture.

This puzzled me even further.


Dear Carlsberg, Where's the Party?

No, really… WHERE'S THE PARTY???? 


I soon realized that it was all part of the plan. Their plot to confuse us, get us racking our brains thinking, giving us so much suspense and anticipation living up to its theme – 'Where's The Party?'. 


Good job! That calls for a Carlsberg *clink*


In the end, I was right. We were going to Batu Fehringgi after all but via a road not taken by many LOL. 


We *finally* arrived Bayview Beach Resort Penang

This was taken in the transparent, bubble elevator going up to my room :)


As soon as I stepped in, I felt right at home.

My Deluxe Side Seaview room was spacious, comfy, had an enormous King-sized bed, a balcony, a giant bathroom (with a bath!), comfy couches, a flat-screen television, high-speed internet and so much more!


To sum it all up, it was beautiful had everything I needed. Thanks, Carlsberg! 

Here are some photos of my room before I made a mess of it LOL










I soon noticed a little something lying in my room. 

It bore the words – 


"Dear Bold One,

You've made it to Carlsberg Where's The Party. 


Gear yourself up with the items in this party pack

and rock on to Asia's most epic party!"


I opened it with much enthusiasm (Come on, who doesn't like surprise presents?) and I found many party essentials which could come in handy during the beachparty! 

If my memory hasn't failed me, it had a map/layout sheet of the partyzone, a Pestle and Mortar 'Where's the Party?' t-shirt, funky hipster glasses and a pair of flip-flops.


Yay! This made me a very happy girl 

I've always wanted a pair of Fipper flip-flops but never got round to buying one


Time to get ready and hit the beach for Carlsberg's 'Where's the Party?'


Whoops. I think I over-packed. Heh.


We put our beachparty gear on and left the hotel with the Carlsberg shuttle-van


The party was held at Hard Rock Hotel's beachside.

Finally, after an entire day's worth of travelling (almost!) it was now time to muster what's left of our energy and turn up our party dial for Malaysia's most epic tri-nation beachparty by Carlsberg!


Watch this space for Part 2 *wink*

Stay tuned!