The 1st thing that greeted me upon entering the premises of so much merrymaking was 2 lovely "German" ladies in Oktoberfest traditional outfits! For those who didn't know, Oktoberfest is one of the most famous events celebrated in Germany, and the world's largest fair 😀 😀

Thanks Serge, for sending me all my pics! My camera got busted that night ;(


Somehow, the entire event was themed in blue, luckily I wore a dark turqoise-greenish top

Considered, pass lah! 😛  haha



Courtesy of G.A.B, I was given lots and lots of drink vouchers to redeem that night. I walked slightly further in and saw the wide array of beers to choose from. 


They were Guinness, Tiger, Heineken, Kilkenny, Paulaner and Strongbow!

 Obviously not able to finish all of the vouchers all by tonight, I shared my beer coupons to the other gleeful alcoholics – much to their surprise! 😀



Having my ice-cold Kilkenny draft

One of my all-time fave beers!


I didn't know exactly why they were so surprised though?

It's always double the fun to share the love ain't it! Hehe



Sip sip fellas! 😀



I loved the whole atmosphere there! Was practically enthused over all the mingling and exciting activities happening all around me.

There was a Yodelling competition, which was hilarious!


And other traditional games played during Oktoberfest in Bavaria, Munich such as Pretzel Toss, Beer Barrel Roll, Beer Stein Dance and the Chicken Dance! 😀 Haha! I tried the Pretzel Toss… didn't know it'll be so difficult tossing a piece of hardened pastry!



Getting my Oktoberfest spray-on tattoo!


The moment I saw the Tattoo booth I knew affirmatively that I had to get one 😀 Yep, if you've been reading my blog long enough, you'd know that imma huge fan of body art and tattoos.

Was done in a jiffy! It took approximately under 1 minute, for the dude to spray the ink onto my stenciled skin.

Now, if only real tattoos were this fast, I wouldn't have endured hours and hours grimacing in pain three times!



Me and a good friend of mine, Haze showing off our new tattoos! 😀

Erin, we miss youuuuu! Trio hangout soon kays!?



Apart from the tattoo booth, there was also the Caricature booth. Geez, getting caricatures done in malls can cost a bomb! 🙁 Glad there was a booth here, all hand drawn for you for free! 😀 Yippee!

I had to wait for my turn, which also took a very short time!




Adjusting my hair before he began to sketch me

Hey, have to, right!? 😀 If not, I'd have an ugly picture drawn of me with permanent ugly hair



The funny thing was, I kept grinning from ear to ear throughout the entire process…..



Quarter way through!



Holding my grin while watching his artistically deft fingers work some magic!

Oh and randomly, he was using the same calligraphy pen I have 😀



Still grinning!


However, he only caught sight of me smiling with my mouth closed.

Of ALL the times I grinned like a baboon, he drew me with my mouth shut!




Same onot? I personally don't think it looks like me lor!

I think he's too kind, he drew me after plastic surgery or something hahaaha



i NEVER do that!!! T___T



But after much whining to yall, I still love it all the same hehe! It's blu-tacked to my memory wall now 🙂


The whole lot of us were enjoying the bustling busy atmosphere, watching professionals juggle beer bottles, bands playing German traditional songs on trombones, clarinets, trumpets and drums. I recognized 'The More We Get Together'!


Celebrations like these really do bring people together

Cheers folks! 😀



Remember I shared my coupons with some friends earlier? The saddest part was I didn't have enough coupons left to redeem my Paulaner! *cries* I was quite helpless, staring at the Paulaner draft being poured again and again to many fellow Paulaner fans… and guess what!?

Someone was kind enough to offer some love too! What comes around, goes around, eh? 😀






Yummyy German Würstl! (Sausages)


Thanks G.A.B for an amayyyyzeeeeng celebration at Sid's Pub 😀 *thumbs up*

Enjoyed myself thoroughly!


And yeah yeah yeah, I know I've turned slightly crimson red already pfftt.