(Bwahahaha hold your horses! I haven't finished my sentence yet! :P)

.… until my exam week ends!!!


I had an amazing weekend, one of the best parties I've ever been to in Zouk SG since the one with my homies during my 21st birthday party at MOIS Penang.


With the boyfie Josh & the buddies Ven & Cheez 🙂

Loves! Thanks fo all last nite's pix, gurl


Last night at Phuture @ Zouk SG was a blast! As usual, a crazy mad maniacal night with the gang there with 4 bottles of Tequila, Dewars 12, Johnnie Walker Black Label and Belvedere.

 Wont be complete if we didn't storm the dance floor with my friend, DJ Ivan's remixes! You rule the dance floor dude, as always! 😀


And we holy smokes! Guess what!? 😀 We've got featured on STOMP!


YAY to Zouk party scene!

And my party people Josh, Ven, Cheez & Ying Zi 😀


Nothing major, nuh-uh. But still. Woots!

Anyhoozers – for once – I'll let the pichas do the talking and its time to crash, after only having 2 hours of sleep the night before 😀

With my babe Ven.

Hurraaahhh! We all managed to get her tipsy seeing stars by the end of the night!


So the whole lot of us partied till the lights turned on at 4 in the morning. Dang! I guess time really passes when you're having a good time, yeah? 😉


With my man 🙂 The partner in crime for everything!



To end a night of booze and wild fun, maybe I should cap everything with a pretty decent & non intoxicated picture of me and my all time fave soup I had during the weekend as well.

One of the best and healthiest I've ever tasted… at Marche Movenpick among a few other outlets!



It's none other than Pumpkin Soup!

I swear by it – uh huh! No doubt about that. 😀 Apart from Potato and Leek soup, Clam Chowder soup & also Brocolli soup, Pumpin Soup rocks my dining table.


 I can totally vouch for that, try it for yourselves! If I ain't wrong, it only costs 7.90bucks and you can spam as much Spring Onions, Cream, Croutons & all the other condiments in it!  


Super noms I tell ya 😀

I've always been travelling far and wide *dramatic cue* in search of good pumpkin soup!


Okay, studytime 😀 😀 The finals are approaching and after that, ZoukOut fiesta with legends Tiesto and David Guetta in Sentosa, Singapore.  Woots!

Be there, or be square 😀 It's the rave of 2010 yo

 BBBbjdssfBe there or be square!